Are certain brands out of their mind? (Regards Prices)

  1. In Italy where I currently live, the new Spring Summer 08 collections are slowly coming to the shops. So today I decided to have a look at what mid-range designers, not high-street, offer this season. However, I was aghast at the prices they started to charge for simple ready-to-wear pieces that are manufactured in Asian countries.

    The worst offender that day was Diesel which makes nice clothes, but is nothing special, mind you. They now charge up to 200 USD for a printed, short-sleeve cotton tee-shirt! I was so angry that I asked the s.a. what justified such a high price tag. She babbled something about special fabric (cotton!) and different lines (the tag was silver not cream!), but the fact is, there is no justification for such an outrageous price!

    I don't know what to do. I like shopping and I like nice clothes, but I am not stupid and I don't like being ripped off. So I left the store empty-handed but kind of furious.

    Has anyone else noticed a similar unjustified price increase and is also upset about that?
  2. ^ Jep! Especially with brands like that. I just can't pay that amount of money for a stupid tee. I mean, there are certain things in a wardrobe that may cost some more (a good pair of jeans, a little black dress, a special party top, things like that) but to pay that amount of money for just a plain shirt?! That's something I hate about Diesel and Gsus etc - there's nothing special about it, but it will still cost a lot. I think I'll just stick with H&M and ONLY then...
  3. ITA! Especially with brands like Diesel when I remember buying their Fanker jeans only 7 years ago and they were £55 ($110) and now most Diesel styles are in excess of £100 ($200)......
  4. diesel tees are that much? the ones ive had were like maybe 60ish? yikes. theyve raised their pricesa lot.
  5. That's lame. The worst part is that they are doing it only because they know people will continue to buy it. Blah.
  6. But will they?? I know there are several brands that I have walked away from because they have got greedier and greedier with their pricing and what's worse it's all mass produced crap
  7. I refuse to pay more than $50 for a simple t-shirt or tank. And $300 jeans also seem a bit ridiculous to me.

    If you think about it, Juicy Couture hoodies are also overpriced... you can get good velour or fleece hoodies sometimes for a fraction of the price. But yet I buy them anyways.... :p
  8. Diesel is a bit overrated. $200 for a tee :wtf: is outrageous when you can get similar design/quality at stores like Zara and Mango for a lot less!

    Another brand that overcharge is Theory. I can't justify spending $80 on a tank top that I can get at the junior section at Nordies for $12. And plain/monochromatic sweaters starting at $200 and they are not even cashmere (usually a wool/silk/cotton blend). :confused1: That's why I only buy Theory when it's on sale at Saks or online stores (and those sales happen quite often).
  9. I find BCBG's clothing way overpriced considering it's quality, materials used and location of manufacturing.
  10. I agree that Diesel and BCBG is so overrated!! people go crazy over them for some reason
  11. i think diesel jeans are well worth it though. and i think bcbg has some really cute evening dresses. the normal clothes i think are not that worth it.
  12. I think C&C California is the worst. Their t-shirts are so expensive and you wash them and they look worse than some of my t's from Target!
  13. ^^^ Yup! Lose their shape and get those annoying twisty seams
  14. Ugh..all the "mall" stores like Abercrombie, Guess, Bebe, etc. Those really annoy me.
  15. Yeah the prices for really simple things have gotten completely out of control! I buy my basics from Urban (2 for $24 type deals) or American Apparel which is a little more but will pretty much last forever!