Are Celine bags copied a lot?

  1. I mean, do people rip them off and try to sell them on ebay such as they do with more known brands like Dior and Chloe? I checked ebay, and they are certainly not extensively available like Diro and Chloe, so I wondered if they are likely to be a safer purchase.

    Thanks in advance.
  2. I know the classic Boogie is knocked off all the time on eBay, and the more recent cloth/denim monogram and Clandestine bags are available on iOffer, but it really depends. Any particular bags you're looking for?
  3. Well, I like both the clandestine and the boogie frame bag. I'd be interested to look out for a deal on both (second hand is fine as long as condition is really good).
  4. Oh, almost forgot the Boogie frame bag. That was knocked off back in 2005, and every now and then a fake resurfaces on eBay. Ask for pictures of the stitching on the bag's handles; the fakes tend to be quite sloppy where the leather wraps around the bales. As for the Clandestine, it got faked so quickly I'd be hesitant to buy it off of eBay unless it was a seller I trusted.
  5. I'll send you the auction link privately. It does have pics of the stitching on the handles.
  6. I don't think so. I have seen a lot of fakes bags cos I travel quite a bit and have been in those secret, dingy little shops hiding behind medicine shops in Shanghai and Seoul (ie. Super super AAAAA+++++ fakes) and they just don't make that many fake Celines. First, Celines aren't that popular, as least not as popular as LVs and Chanels in Asia. Secondly, Celine bags are made of very good leather and have excellent workmanship, which are hard to duplicate. I once saw a fake Celine boogie in black, and try as they may, it really DOES look off. You can tell a fake Celine from a real one quite easily IMO.