Are CDCs really that hard to find?

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  1. I was curious as CDCs that hard to find on the shelves of boutiques? Particularly - black with gold or silver hardware?
  2. Unfortunately yes they are.
  3. I m not sure about black. I was just offered one in pink color and is going to pick it up these days.
  4. It was pretty hard to find in Europe,but I have managed to get 3 CDCs in America ,apparently the boutique that I have visited in the US has a impressive selection of CDCs.but no black/gold.
  5. I haven't seen black lately but the last couple times I've been to the store, I've seen them displayed. Including today at SCP, there was a reddish one (looked like sanguine) with gold hardware.
  6. It's been a lot more difficult to find them in the store displays and are most likely being kept behind the scenes to keep from hungry mobs gobbling them up (I'm one of them)!:P
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    It's usually kept for regulars. Recently the common colours are brown / barena.

    However I managed to get a black croc cdc in ghw. Q stamp - 2013
  8. Is it rose scheherazade?
  9. The Sydney store always seems to have a couple of them on display.
  10. I have been seeing and offered more lately so there is a hope :smile:
  11. Completely no idea but not a croc acc to my SA。she said may be rose jaipur or lipstick
  12. Oh wow... I've never seen a rose lipstick cdc. Please do a reveal once u get her. Thank you.
  13. My SM told me that rose lipstick is going to come out in the spring on accessories, bracelets, etc. That probably includes CDCs. I'm looking forward to seeing it.
  14. Me too. Thank you for the info.
  15. If it is rose lipsticks I m going to take it without no second thought.
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