Are Cabas hard to find?

  1. Just overheard a most interesting conversation between Chanel SA's regarding a pact to keep a secret for a returned Cabas being offered to someone else.....whats up.......are Cabas' sold out, not available?-anyone in the TPF looking?
  2. as far as i know they're sold out and wait lists are miles long
  3. Not where I am, two available.....anyone looking?
  4. colors? leather?
  5. Have no details, but know the SA's were keeping the info very secret and not putting it through the system, there had been 2 held for clients and clients had not picked up, if you want one, let me know and I will give you SA name and tel no.
  6. Are they still there? Is it too late?!:hysteric:
  7. Arre there any more left?? I would like to see the large leather one in person if possible. Will they fit over a winter coat?

  8. are they still CABAS vinyl or leather available? Plz e-mail me
  9. What colours? Im interested in the baby version in White/ teal or Khaki! pls email me!

  10. I retured a white to the Charlotte NC Neimans last week. Try calling Natasha 704-442-7900
  11. there was a white baby cabas at Saks denver when i was there last week.
  12. Has anyone seen a large cabas in the grey distressed leather? Please PM me.
  13. Saks in Orlando (florida mall) had a white one like 3 days ago.
  14. Anyone seen a baby black cabas?? If so, please pm me!