Are BV and Dog Lovers Synonymous?

  1. Sorry this is a little OT but still perhaps relevant since it's about the members on this forum!

    I noticed that there are a whole bunch of dog lovers who also love BV! If you have a dog I thought it would be fun to post pics of them to share with everyone else.

    Also, how nervous does everyone get with their BV around their puppy?

    This is my boy. He's 8 months!
  2. Bunkie your pup is such a sweetie! I :heart: Goldens

    Maybe not synonymous, but my pups are the only thing I can say I love more than my BVs - oh yes, and DH has his days too! LOL! I would certainly have been nervous to have BV when our big girl was a pup like yours but she finally mellowed after she turned, um, 5??? Fortunately I was into Chloe then which is very sturdy! Here's a pic of Sommer that actually won 3rd Place in the tPF Pets N' Purses contest in July 2006!:yahoo:Otherwise I never let my babes near my bags but this was a special occasion (granted they OWN the sofas) ;)


    And must not forget lil' sis Sophie who's a golden mix. :love:
    HPIM0257.JPG HPIM0273.JPG HPIM0391sml.JPG
  3. omg, both your pooches are making my heart melt. i love goldies and some day i will eventually own one...
    awww...they are so adorable...!!
  4. these are my puppies.
    charlie and annie.jpg
  5. blugenie - omg both Sommer and Sophie are just SO, SO adorable and BEAUTIFUL. And what a great pic of Sommer!!!! Her coat looks amazing.

    annie9999 - I love Cavaliers! They are just so huggable! Yours are too cute.
  6. Yay for puppies! My husband and I are def. dog people. When we lived in a more metro area, we walked the dogs in the same dog park twice a day and I used to volunteer at a shelter. I'm having the worst time loading the picture of my rottweiler, but here is Sophia the highway mix

  7. i have a lovely mutt who also loves handbag. I only let her play with old coach and kate spade bags tho. no BV for her ... unfortunately
  8. Bunkie your boy's coat will be flowing in no time! *yikes* LOL

    Annie9999 I love Cavaliers too! I want to add one to our family but our city limits homes to 2 dogs :wtf: (probably smart but still....). Yours look darling and would probably fit in your Cabat!

    doubtfulguest Sophia looks like she can hug you through the camera - what a good mom you are!
  9. Sounds good to me! It's not a secret that I'm a dog lover, with my username. Here's a photo of our current adopted rescue boy, Sabo. He's about (we don't know) 2.5 yrs. old. BTW, he came with the cropped ears--any dogs that we've gotten young enough, we've left the ears natural; no reason to cut them. He likes getting into trouble but he knows enough to leave mommy's purses alone!!:yes:

    I love seeing everyone's pets. They add so much love to our lives.
  10. Awwwww! Your doggies are so cute!! I have two cats and they could care less about my bags. However, they LOVE the boxes the bags come in!! :smile:
  11. You can see a pic of my dog, Guinness, in my signature; she's a crazy doberman who is not allowed anywhere near my BV's!!!! If given the chance she would eat every luscious scrap of leather, and then of course need emergency surgery to retreive said scraps of leather! I also have a whole herd of cats that have at times left their teeth marks in my bags, but so far not on my BV's!
  12. Awwww, these photos make me miss my golden retriever who passed on. I am glad to meet so many dog and BV lovers!
  13. Gosh, everyone's doggies are just adorable!!! Am partial towards goldens. I literally melted (and gone all mushy like BV leather) looking at the pic Bunkie posted, oh those puppy eyes.

    DH is a cat lover though so we'll have to work out some arrangement when the time comes for goldie.
  14. Hehe, ms piggy, most of the time it's the other way around, husband is the dog lover, wife is cat lover! Don't worry, most goldens are great around cats; in fact most goldens are pretty much perfect, well once they are out of the puppy stage!
  15. Wow looking at everyone's photos of their beloveds is so wonderful... and does make me feel warm inside! Keep 'em coming!!