Are burberry trenchcoat's worth the money?

  1. I just purchased the black harbourne trenchcoat from burberry. When I asked my sister what she thought of it, she said she liked it but it didn't look close to being a 1000 trenchcoat. Now, I did get it for about 50% off, so I didn't actually pay 1K, but my question is what are your thoughts on their trenches? I can see how people would fork over money for the beige, as it's quite unique and I feel like its harder to find a good quality, good colored, well fitting, beige trench. I tried on the ivybridge and it overwhelmed my 5'5" frame - so I opted for the harbourne even though it's about 2.5 inches above my knee. However, for casual wear I think it'll be fine. (i"m in grad school so I feel like a full length trench on a daily basis might get cumbersome) Perhaps though, the ivybridge is worth more money? I don't know don't kill me but when I tried it on it looked almost 95% similar to my BR trench I bought for a 100 dollars. (the ivybrige) I guess I am dealing with classic styles - so I am really paying for quality vs. look here. Is the quality really worth $900 more (in theory in this case since I got one on sale) What would you do opt for a different style? there was a really cute single breasted contemporary type sleek black trench as well, or keep the harbourne? my initial instinct was i love it, but my sister's remark threw me off. Please tell me your thoughts!!

    (Oh and if your wondering why I didn't get beige - it totally washes me out, unfortunately)
  2. I just ordered another one. I'm still surprised I spent the last $500 (i'm still a freshmen in college) on a harbourne trench. I'm a lil upset at spending so much money on one trench coat when I bought a wool/cashmere burberry coat already as well. But anyway I tried on a size 4 at the store and I liked it very much on me even though it was a bit loose. It looked really good because i'm really skinny and it's hard to find coats that fit me that well so i figured for hte price why not especially when it's on sale. I tried on the ivybridge size 2 first and it fitted me so well and it looks so cool but i felt like it's a bit too long especially i'm always rushing to class. so i placed an order on a size 2 harbourne. i say keep it because for me, i think that not everyone i know can own a burberry trench and I bet a lot of people do want one and I got my hands on one. Why would i let it go? especially when it was on sale. Besides I think I looekd great in it and I feel great inside! why not? BURBERRY THUMBS UP!
  3. The Burberry trench is a classic that will never go out of style. Burberry INVENTED the trench, imitations just don't look the same!
  4. I absolutely adore burberry trenches..they are stunning! I have yet to buy one but when the one that makes my heart pitter patter comes along one will definately be mine! plus you can't beat 1/2 price!! such a classic!!!
  5. i'm sorry you are having buyers remorse b/c of a comment your sister made. i have 4 burberry trenches which i paid full prices for, love, and wear all the time. my black harbourne is the one i wear the most because its so versatile. this is actually the first time ever i heard of trenches going on sale too. anyway, i think you should only keep it if you love it, if you are just going for the look then i'm sure you can find a similar style at a lower price.
  6. I totally agree with baglover1973 and aggie012.

    I have 4 Burberry coats - 2 trenches (one black, one beige), a black trenchstyle wool coat for evening and a grey exploded check casual coat. I love them all! Again, they are timeless classics - chic and sophisticated - and you can never go wrong when wearing one. I even wore my black Ivybridge (I am 5'9) as a dress to a friend's college graduation due to not having enough time to change into my other outfit and received tons of compliments! Burberry trench and Louboutins - you just can't beat it. :queen:
    No worries, you made a great purchase and one that you will wear for many chic years to come.
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    I have a problem.. I purchased a Harbourne (the color is called Trench on the tag but it looks like stone) The buttons are mixed with yellow and black (such a turn off..) Is it likely that burberry can replace the buttons ? (probably not) so my problem now is either to return it and wait for a better deal on the other trenches with better buttons.. because most of the trenches look ideally the same just that the Harbourne was on sale and an impulse buy! haha

    what do you guys think I should do? The trench doesn't look that great on me. It looks decent. I wear a size 2 and there are no sizes smaller than that. I don't know what to do. Help!!
  8. ^I don't think you should replace the buttons on the Harbourne. That's the style of it you know? I do say if you don't love it, you should definately return it, however, if it was a great deal than you should keep it! It's a Burberry trench! :drool:
  9. karen - i think you should go with your initial instinct - you loved it until your sis made the remark. i'd been lusting for a burberry trench for the last yr and jumped on the chance when i saw they were almost 50% off! to me, the trench is worth it...sure, there are other trenches out there...sure, the average joe wouldn't know it's a burberry trench and it could easily look like a $100 coat to those who don't know. BUT i would say it's worth it for the following reasons:
    1. Everytime I wear it/look at it I'll get a little bubble of pleasure/excitement.
    2. It's a coat that will (hopefully) last a long time - I'm hoping 10 yrs or so as I plan to wear it on weekends/special occasions/when i feel like it. That way I'll get to use it fairly often but won't wear and tear it so quickly.
    3. *I* know it's a Burberry and I couldn't care less if no one else knows.

    i bought the ivybridge - i'm done school now and like i was saying, i'm looking for a trench that'll last for another 10 yrs when i'm 34 yrs old with 2 kids running around and likely taking it out on a date night with the hubby. :rolleyes: my only thing would be - make sure the harbourne is the one you really want for the future, and not just the one that's most convenient for grad school. bottom line - my vote is to keep it!

    cheapbags - i agree, when i first saw the trench with black/yellow mixed buttons i wasn't a fan...but, it is the traditional burberry trench button, and i like it now! it sounds like you're not a huge fan of the trench and blatantly regret it. regardless of whether it was on sale or not or that it's the steal of the century because they never go on sale - i think $500 is too much to spend on a coat that "looks decent", you know? :push: it's sort of like the girls who are absolutely in love with a $1K purse, but buy a $400 purse that they kinda like that's on sale...they'll be happy at first, but their interest in it will fade and they won't really be happy until they get the one they love. if i were in your shoes, i would return it and put that $500 to the coat you really fall in love with...even if it's full price, it'll be much more worth it to purchase that than a coat you are okay with, KWIM?

    HTH girls!
  10. I just bought the Harbourne in black and purple. I love them so much. I was gonna get one in black Christmas 2007. But then I found out I was pregnant. I told my husband I would get it after I had my baby. Now I had my baby, I went to the burberry. I couldn't believe the same coat is 50% off. That was a deal of century. I had one stone color burberry trech coat which my husband bought for me three years ago. He paid full price. I liked the purple one more. But however I think the black color is more versatal. So I ended up getting two. I think the burberry trench coat is definitely worth the price especially right now it's 50% off. I know it can last me for at least 10 years.
  11. lols thats 30 years for you! with 3 coats ;D
  12. ---------

    thank you so much for your detailed opinion! I'm going to wear it again and see if I really love this jacket =) i'll decide soon hopefully! thank you so much once again!

    also, i've been wondering what HTH stands for.. LOL :p:sweatdrop:
  13. karen, the most important thing is that YOU are happy with the burberry trenchcoat. not your friends and not your sister.

    as to whether it's really worth the money, well, time will tell!! (and it certainly will)

    we can say the same about lots of other items like CL shoes. but quality is quality. so it's good to invest in the best!!

    enjoy it!!

    p.s. i have a black b trench too. khaki just didn't work on me.
  14. HTH = hope that helps :smile:
  15. Glad you've come around to loving your trench again.

    I've only 1 burberry trench - black (with detachable wool lining - don't know what model that is)....but since I got it 2 years ago (at full price, impulse buy! ) I wear to all kind of events, during the day, night and always feel great in it.

    Bought a long greeny-cream one in the sales last week but returned it last week when I realised the lining was all cut on one side. Unfortunately they had no more in my size, so I'll have to wait until next year!