Are bubble-skirts too passé?

  1. - or better to ditch this shape for a while? :hrmm: Opinions please...?
    g1.jpg c2.jpg 2b2.jpg 2bw.jpg
  2. i think bubble hem dresses are much easier to carry off (says she whose go-to skirt when she has nothing to wear is... ummmm.. a tweed bubble skirt) but i still like the skirts too. i've loved them for a few years though, theyre very me. technically i suppose they're somewhat passé but i can't think of a much better way of making a dramatic knee length skirt.

    that leather jacket is amazing btw :nuts:
  3. I sure hope not. Cause I rock 'em like nobody's business!! :yahoo:
  4. I love them! But they're not for the pear-shaped, seriously.
  5. friponne, you rock all of them like i havent seen in a while
    I fell in love with pic #1, its so romantic and cute
    I think paired with sexy heels the bubble skirts can still be hot
    just add a special pisazz to em so they dont look 'passe' :p
    my 2 cents
  6. Thank you all for the replies!!! :flowers:
    It's just that a girl asked me for something "not-too-floaty-yet-dramatic", w. a jacket, to attend a wedding in Jan. (she's 23 and slim). I made those outfits on the pics 2+ years ago, and we weren't sure if the style looks too dated by now?
    I feel much better about them now, thanks! :smile:

    (- apparently not with leatherjacket for wedding, but maybe silk, with similar cut?)
  7. Thanks Annanas! Your tweed skirt must be totally fab, I :heart::heart::heart: tweed!!!

    (here are some silk bubble-dresses I made 2 yrs ago - but people in my town were afraid of the shape! So they ended up on eBay half-price...:sad:)
    hx.jpg h3.jpg
  8. They are so cute! Oh man, Friponne, I love those ones!
  9. They're pretty much over.
  10. They're over. I don't know why people liked them in the first place...
  11. D&G is showing some preety cute ones in mini skirt length for this fall. They can't be that over.
  12. I love, love looove bubble skirts/dresses and wear them all the time. I have a range that go from silk to flannel sweater type fabric. Such a theatrical shape that can be worn everyday- a dream come true for me. Perhaps I'm too influenced by costume design, but I think that these types of skirts are very wearable, no?
    Love all of the designs, friponne, you're an amazing designer, you know I love everything you make. The jackets are just spectacular, too. My favourite is the whole outfit in the second pic, the jacket, skirt and gloves.
  13. Yes, I would say that they are very passe and can't believe they are trying to bring that back.:nogood:
  14. I love bubble skirts, and I wear Lilith clothing a lot. She designs a lot of bubble effect skirt and dresses. Are you familiar with her label? I love your designs, Frippone. They are so feminine and beautiful.
  15. I love the bubble skirt, on someone a bit taller than me lol. I don´t care about passés, I would just wear what I love.