Are brown bags as practical as black???

  1. Black used to be my go to color....and still is to a degree. Right now I could really use a black every day bag. However, in the past year or so, I have really gotten into brown. I recently bought a bottega brown hobo. Now I am considering a brown muse. I have been looking everywhere for a medium black muse, but it is the brown that I am drawn to....since I can't find the medium in black, should I give in and get another brown bag???? Thanks.
  2. I got my best friend the medium brown muse for her birthday and she loves it. She wears a lot of black and the brown offsets her black clothes beautifully. The brown muse is particularly stunning, however, if you prefer the medium black one, pm me, and I will help you track one down....
  3. I definitely think brown is very practical. I know a lot of people don't like black and brown colors together, but I find that a deep brown handbag looks really nice against black clothing. I actually have a harder time wearing black bags with non-black clothing.
  4. Brown is definitely MORE practical than black.
  5. Most of my bags are usually black. I don't know if it is too picky, but sometimes if I carry a brown bag I usually like my shoes(if they're brown) to be similar in color tone. Thus, the dilemma sometimes. . . Although, I think dark brown with black together can be quite chic.
  6. Both brown and black are very practical. IMO, the darker the brown the more practical it is.

    I wear my LV mono with black clothing and it looks great. And I've also gotten away with a dark chocolate brown blouse, dark denim jeans, but a black belt, black high heels and a black bag.

    If I'm wearing mostly black I wouldn't carry a brown bag, but if I had mostly brown I might, outfit depending, be able to carry a black bag but would aim for brown.

    Hope that helps! :flowers:
  7. I only have one black bag. A Botkier Bianca. I a not a black type person. I don't wear black clothes so the majority of my bags are shades of browns. Everyone needs at least one black bag but for the Brown is the new black.
    I have 3 white or light colored long haired cats and that one stray hair will find it's way onto black clothing as if it has radar.
  8. Brown and Black are colors that will go with everything. =)
    Chocolate Muse is very beautiful, go for it!!!
  9. ^I agree black and brown always go with any outfit. That being said, I do need to buy a black bag since the last 5 bags I've bought have all been brown. If you have too many brown bags then buy a black one for variety ... but I do love the muse in that chocolatey brown.
  10. Thanks ladies, I went on my lunch and purchased the medium brown. It is darling and boxed up beautifully. I don't even want to open it.
  11. I wear brown bags with everything. I actually like brown better with black than black with black......too blah for me! I guess it depends on the outfit, but I carry my mono LV with black all the time. I think it looks very chic.
  12. brown to me sometimes seems less formal or stuffy than black. some bags it makes a big difference and i like brown. it's as practical as black!
  13. I second that!
  14. I was b-l-a-c-k all through my 30's. When I hit 40, I turned to brown - it seemed less aggressive and richer (to my mind). Now, getting closer to 50, I'm thinking black again! I do confess I've learned how to mix the two - nothing like a bag in light-tan or nude against a black and ivory outfit!

    I think it all depends on what you've already done (and already tired of) ... both black and brown are, obviously, classics. ;)
  15. Gingerstar, congrats!!! Muse is so gorgeous in Chocolate Brown, great choice! This color is so rich, it looks Black from certain angles.