Are boy bags... still relevant?

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  1. Hi everyone! Hope all is well!:flowers:

    What do you think? Or has the boy style phased away? Are they considered a classic style?

    I am hoping to pick up one more bag before the price increase. Opinions appreciated!!
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  2. I JUST bought mine today!! Was debating between the medium black boy caviar gold and the medium classic flap lambskin. I will probably get the flap in time, but if I could just have one for now, that’s the one!! It’s very beautiful and the SA Did mention that it was a very popular style still. They had seasonal reds and blues in the boys (I’m in Toronto) and one in black.
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  3. I have one boy bag from a few years ago but never really reach for it anymore. I still prefer classic flaps as a true timeless piece.
  4. The boy bag is gorgeous imo! While it’s not classic line, it’s one of the most iconic bags under Chanel. Recently there are many seasonal boy with embellishments on the flap, which I think is so brilliant and refreshing! The ones in 19k are so gorgeous! I’d probably go for these seasonal designs with boy and keep classic quilts or chevron design on the classic bags.

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  5. I have four boy bags. Rarely reach for them yet also am not ready to part ways with them. They just fit so nicely with certain outfits that a classic flap doesn’t, and boy bags are made in so many more beautiful colors than classic flaps. While I will never buy another boy bag, I do think they are very much still relevant. I think the hype has just died down for many posters like myself who have already gone through years of buying boy bags and now onto the next chanel craze.
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  6. I've never been into the Boy style it looks kinda bulky to me but it's just my personal preference.
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  7. I love boy more than classic flap. But it’s just personal preferences. :smile:
  8. I have 3 boys and I still love them dearly. They fit a more casual look. I didnt like it at first but it grew on me. I reach for those and my smaller CFs but my jumbos havent gotten used in years.
  9. The Boy is not my fave, but you should get whatever you like!
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  10. I just bought a red old medium Boy. I already have the classic double flap so I thought I purchase a Boy this time. The classic is timeless but I think so is the Boy.
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  11. I'm carrying my mermaid Boy today! It puts a smile on my face, love the rainbow hardware :heart: I don't think I'd get any more Boy bags though. This is the only one that truly made my heart sing. But I do think they're here to stay.
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  12. I have one the all black bought as a push present from DH. Will never get rid of it for that reason but it’s not my favourite Chanel.