Are bows out?

  1. I wish I had a photo to show you guys. I will look. Do you think bows are out? On handbags, shoes, etc...

    I just think they are feminine and cute. What do you think?

    Would you wear or carry something with a small and tastful bow?

    Just curious....
  2. I like bows on certain things...yes to long as they arent too big,I have a gorgeous prada evening bag and the braided leather handle is in a bow where it meets the bag...LOVE that!
  3. I think bows are in. Just not huge ones. I carry stuff with bows all the time. I even make a bow out my headbands sometimes.
  4. cute idea!

  5. I like bows regardless of whether they are "in" or "out" just as long as they are cute and appropriately sized. I like to tie my hair with satin ribbon bows, and i don't care (much) if people think i look silly.
  6. ^^^Thanks. It looks nice. Also, if you do a ponytail it looks really classy to tie a ribbon around it and make a small bow. (Sometimes, the hair slips out, so I do a rubber band then ribbon).
  7. i love bows and wear all the time...on shoes, bags, t-shirts, also in bands or clips for my hair...very femine and lovely!!!!;)
  8. I hope they aren't out!! I love ribbons and bows. Just don't wear big fabric bows on your butt :biggrin: or be a walking bownanza.
  9. Bows are cute...I'm not that girly but I wear them from time to time. I like wearing them as a headband or around my waist.
  10. i love bows as a detail to the clothes/shoes/bags.. i hope they're not "out"..
  11. i love bows- I think they're in- but I don't like big,huge, bows.
  12. I don't think bows are ever really out, but you just have to think how you wear/carry them on yourself. It just really depends. As long as there are girls/women there will be bows
  13. I love bows! I just recently placed a silk twilly and made it into a bow in my bag as you can see in my avatar.
  14. Bows will always be in, but I think the size will be what changes from year to year. Big scarf-tied pony tails are hot this year I think, and I'm going to get the pucci print tie from NAP in pink. I love it!
  15. Nothing wrong with bows!
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