Are boutique display models sold at discount?

LV Love

Sep 1, 2006
Has anyone ever wondered this before? I have never purchased a display, although I know quite a few PF members have. Since these have been handled by lots of people and "used" so to speak do they apply any discount?

Usually the general policy for most stores is a 10% discount. I think it's tacky to ask for one though, especially at LV. So I wouldn't ever dare to ask!
About a decade back they were still sending displays back to France for destruction. :crybaby:

Now with supply and demand, they sell the displays with the contingence of no return for credit.:sweatdrop:
never thought about that... i always assumed they wouldn't give any discounts.

i don't like getting display items... but if discounted, then i probably wouldn't mind.
Sometimes I perfer the displayed items......

Like for my wallet...I found couple of "off" qualities about the few that were shown to me and I still didnt like anyone of them.
So as I look around, and the one on display was really looking perfect so I got it.

I am so picky about the actual item I take home that my husband is embarrased to come into the store for exchanges, when I feel "unsatified" with some of my pieces and have to exchange them for a better looking one.....:P
My Damier papillon was a display....but it was perfect and it ended up being the old hardware (which I didn't find out until posting it here) it was all good. Something with vachetta though...I wouldn't buy it just because it shows dirt easily and will have already started its patina.
Yeah, I assumed that it probably didn't happen or people would always be requesting to buy displays. But even so, if the display item was the last one of what I wanted I would have no qualms about getting it. Sorry if that came off as snobby, that I wouldn't ever buy a display... I don't have a problem with it at all but would just prefer a brand new one!
from what i know they would not discount even thought there a tiny flaw, i once insisted to buy a bag with a little spot on the handles the mgnt told me that its against their policy to sell something that consider defect, so no discount.