Are bordeaux reissues long gone?

  1. I was looking at the favorite reissue thread and saw the bordeaux and wish I had gotten it last year. Are these gone now? Any chance the 227 is still around?
  2. gators... me too, I'm looking for a 226 size:sos:
  3. Ha. Me three. They are loooooong gone.

    But oddly enough i spoke w/ an SA who said that she had one come in on a return a few moths ago but it re-sold quickly. Ha Ha

    Good luck to all three of us :p
  4. Me 4 -- 227 or 228.
  5. Me 5 - 2.25
  6. I bought one last year that I returned. I have to say that your best bet is department stores. If you get the SKU number (not the model number, but the barcode number) they can usually type it in an locate it. Bloomingdales in NYC is notorious for having bags that they don't even know they have b/c their stockroom is about 7 floors above their area and they don't go there, someone brings them bags, so they have no idea what's going on.

    I'd start with them.
  7. ^^hmmm...that's interesting. Wouldn't you just love to look through their stock room?
    Too bad their not bringing back this color for fall. It is so pretty.
  8. Me 6 - in 226 :graucho: