Are Bolides Usually Available?

  1. i saw a beautiful bolide being carried by a beautiful woman in her 50s today at the tod's boutique. it was light grey brown (taupe) with leather that had become soft with time. i love the look of the bolide, since i find it more streamlined and less cumbersome than the LV Alma which borrows its shape.

    i tried the resource thread but the lingo and the amount of info on leathers is confusing for me as a newbie.

    so if anyone could help... can you find bolides easily at the boutiques? i live in the NYC metro area, so i have the nyc and long island boutiques near me.

    what is the basic leather, basic price for a bolide?
  2. They are easy to find near me and I live in an Hermes-challenged locale.

    Depending on the size and leather, you can expect a price tag of about $4500-$5300 or so. I believe sizes range from 20cm, 27cm, 31cm (probably the most common), 37cm, to a much larger travel size (50cm?)

    I hope someone will correct me where I'm wrong.
  3. I would just go to the NYC store and ask one of the associates to go over the options you have with the Bolide. You can look thru the leather book, and the SA can tell you which leathers and colors are available. I'm sure they can find one for you without a problem.

    The last Bolide I looked at in the boutique was $5100.

    The Bolide is a wonderful H bag, beautiful, secure, easy to carry.

    Please let us know what you decide on !
  4. Welcome babyhart. Bolides are available in the boutiques depending on what style you're interested in. Since you're in NYC, definitely pay a visit to Hermes and ask an SA to show you the skin options available. I recently tried on a 37cm in Vache Liagee (one of the pricier non-exotic skins) and it was $5,800. If you want a "soft" Bolide, i.e., one that isn't structured, take a look at Clemence--soft and squishy; I believe the 37cm in Clemence I tried on was about $5,300 or so. If you prefer a Bolide that is stiffer and more structured, try looking at the swatches in Epsom, Chevre (goatskin), Vache Liagee, Box or Chamonix.
  5. I see them all the time in SF. They usually have at least 2 on the floor or in the windows. The ones I've looked at were togo/clemence and $5,000. :flowers:
  6. should have no problem finding a beautiful Bolide at the Madison Ave store and if you don't see the one that makes your heart flutter the first time you go in, keep trying. Bolides are plentiful. Even my store, the Store-That-Has-Nothing, has Bolides. I love them....and so will you! Guaranteed!!!!
  7. At the risk of sounding niave... Is the Bolides the shoulder bag with the preferated H? Do you have a photo?:s
  8. The Bolide is the one on the far right in Shopmom's avatar...the one you are thinking of is the Evelyne. :flowers: :flowers:
  9. ^^That would be the Evelyne. The Bolide looks like a bowler bag with two top handles and a detachable shoulder strap. I think a few members here have Bolides in the members' items thread.
  10. I was just at the Bal Harbor boutique today.
    They had a bolide there.
    Just about every time I am in a boutique I see one.
    Good luck finding your H favorite.
  11. Yep - they are pretty easy to find and often you'll see the newest, most beautiful colors come into the store as stock bags.

    Latest price check on a 31 cm was 5k for clemence/togo and 5.5K for chevre.

    Beautiful bag IMO. Personally I prefer slouchy Bolides and would choose togo or clemence.
  12. Here's a pic of my 31 bolide, vache liegee in indigo -- I paid 5500 -- HTH!:yes: This is one of my favorite styles for the zip, ability to leave the top open, comfort to carry, etc., and it is slightly thinner than the LV alma...good luck! I'm sure you'll find one in no time!

    indigo bolide 001.jpg
  13. I loooove the Bolide and it will be my next Hermes bag. They are easy to find, with maybe a little patience, but nothing like waiting for a Birkin or Kelly. The Bolide you saw was most likely Etoupe Clemence. If you like this soft, squishy look (I do too) then go for Clemence. Otherwise, Bolides are especially beautiful in box or chevre (goat) leather.
  14. MAN, that's a beautiful Bolide, Shoes. I LOVE that color! How do you like the VL leather???