Are Blondies still in demand?

  1. I am so frustrated and hope you Gucci gals can give me some advice. I have two Blondies that are just not doing well on EBay at all. I sold a third, and the buyer just e-mailed me to say that the bag is in wonderful condition, etc., etc., but the bag is too heavy, the GGs are too big and she simply doesn't like it and wants a refund.

    Have Blondies run their course? What do ya'll think? It seems like the fake Blondies sell great and the real ones pfft.
  2. I know a quite a few people that really want one a Blondie bag even employees still want to get their hands on one. I don't know. This season they came out with the Britt Bags which are similar to the Blondie and maybe that could effect a person desire to buy Blondie.
  3. Hmmm . . . that could be it. Interestingly, the buyer who wants a refund from me loves the other Gucci she bought on EBay and I think it's a fake. I posted it on "authenticate this" to see if anyone knows.
  4. I was also amazed that your bags were not flying off ebay but I think perhaps that particular style isn't very popular perhaps due to the size. I have to say I don't ever carry my red one because it just isn't a practical size for me to use regularly. I have kept it thusfar moreso as a collectible. It is a small bag. I think if it was a bowler or hobo it would have sold a lot faster. I just saw a red one sell for about $300.
  5. maybe keep them around a little longer so they're even MORE rare?
  6. I think the totes are in more demand than the bowlers, because the size is a bit impractical. I've been looking for a tote for a while, preferably without the red/green webbing.
  7. Thanks, everyone. I was surprised that the buyer complained that the shoulder bag is too big! It seems like a pretty good size to me, but whatever!
  8. Ach! Where the heck are everyone finding these great Blondie deals?? :sad:
  9. Agree...MUST...FIND...BLONDIE...TOO!!!!!!!!! :P
  10. Blondies' wanted!!
  11. sorry ladies, I just need to vent my frustration. I saw an authentic blondie bowler being sold on Ebay from Switzerland a few days ago. It was a red bowler! immaculate conditions! was listed at US$744 buy it know option. I missed it by minutes! since my stupid computer at home had something wrong I couldn't see the rest of the pics. posted (only the first one) so I asked the seller to e-mail me the pics. the seller answered right away but when I went to back to check the bag was gone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :crybaby: :crybaby: I'm frustrated! I even had one stupid nigthmare yesterday about getting the bag. Am I going crazy? - and YES the blondies are wanted!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I want one of each color!
  12. i saw that one...i had never seen a red bowler before...that was definitely a rarity to see on ebay
  13. Hey, what is your ebay user id? I'd like to check out your auctions for Blondies. I have he black hobo, I love it. It's the perfect size.
  14. ^no one is permitted to give their eBay IDs here.
    We don't allow anything like that on the forums or in PM.
  15. Well, I'm having bad luck with my Blondies. They are both the flap shoulder bags. The buyer of the black one is sending it back because it's bigger and heavier than she expected. The white one didn't meet the reserve. Meanwhile, all the fake bowlers are selling like hotcakes. Sheesh!