Are Black Flaps sold out everywhere or just at Nordies?

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  1. I have FINALLY gotten the ok from my hubby to buy my very first Chanel:yahoo:- I want the Black Jumbo Flap with GHW!!! Yayyy!!! My gal at Nordies has me on a wait list...but I was wondering if this bag is really sold out everywhere??? Should i call a Chanel boutique (do not have one where we live) and see if they can find me one??

    I want to get it before his generosity runs out!!!! TIA!!! LC
  2. They are very hard to find everywhere right now because the price of the bag is going up on Monday (Feb. 1st)
  3. Actually the price is already increased for some reasons. However, I know a SA in saks may be able to get three of them. It is 2995. Saks is going to charge tax for out of state shipping since Feb 1 i believe.
  4. Thanks for the info!!! WOuld you share the SA's name and number???
  5. is this true? and across the board?

  6. I heard that from a saks SA.
  7. I just pm-ed you.:smile:

  8. You're right about that. Saks had already increased the price and it's not even Feb 1 yet.
  9. ^yeah, my SA can still overide the price til the official day, but I heard other stores start charging the new price to new clients so SA can get more commission back :tdown: Hope you can find a the Jumbo w/GHW, GL!
  10. that is REALLY bad. is it just saks or all other stores?
  11. same with me. after I read here I called my SA and asked. they raised prices, but can overide them until the 1st
  12. Oh no, I'm not looking for a black jumbo. In fact, I'm in a Chanel bag ban. :P I was only curious and decided to bug my SA.
  13. The Saks SA told me that they cannot override the price.. it's against policy!
  14. Sometimes I have to laugh at all of the variations on info people here have. I mean I believe you all but it doesn't really help. Haha my big question is whether seasonal classics if you will also going up? Sounds like maybe not which would be great b.c I may be too late otherwise!
  15. yes couldn't believe it, 2 saks stores said they had 1 and it sold right away. old price and saks bh said new price. huh