Are birkins more plentiful in Paris??

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  1. Hubby and I are planning a trip to Paris in july of '07. Yay!!! All I can think about are the hanbags I can shop for!!!:biggrin: Anyway-he sings for a large choral group and they are going over there for several performances and I'm tagging along to shop:lol: ! He signed us up last night and I am so excited!! Does anyone know if I will have a better chance of snagging a birkin over there?? I might be able to wait until then(and save $$).
  2. I had a girlfriend that lived in London and then Paris for quite a long time. Her mom loved Hermes and she always told me when she went in the boutique and what she saw etc. I can honestly say there were more of other bags that Hermes makes, as well as Kellys, but when it came to the Birkins they were not abundant. You would always see something on the shelf, but it may not have been the size, color, hw that you hoped for. Not a large selection like you may assume, but of course something more than in the U.S. She also led me to believe they were a bit easier to come by and not as long as a wait.
  3. You might get lucky.
  4. They keep some things in the back for regular customers and MAY pull out something special so there's always a chance! Paris - my favorite city in the world!!! :smile:
  5. I am not sure if this is always the case but a friend of ours was at the Paris Hermes store and after buying various items (scarfs, wallets, etc) for 2 days, she was offered a chance to buy a Birkin :weird: !!! Lucky girl!
  6. I was in Paris last week and they had no birkins on display and only one kelly at the Faubourg St. Honore location. i did see a lady trying on a gorgeous ostrich birkin and since there were no empty spaces in any of the display cases, it wouldn't surprise me if they "keep them in the back".

    I checked four other boutiques and only saw one chocolate brown birkin at the Hermes in Harrods in London. 30 cm in chevre i think it was. cost 4400 pounds!
  7. i wish the prices of birkins and kellys are a little bit more reasonable here in Japan because i think half of the worlds birkins and kellys are here!!!!
  8. Sigh, that's one of my dream Birkins! I would've snapped it up in a flash!
  9. Bijin - I do hear that Japanese women are very in love with birkins over there. What is the price range of the birkins over there? Can you tell us for price comparing purpose? thanks!

  10. care, i checked out a 35cm black birkin togo with silver hardware and with today's rate it was about $11, 750. how much is the same bag in the US?
    there was a BJ 32 togo kelly for $7,200 -sale price!
    a cognac 32 kelly in epson for $6, 280 also sale price.
    this was at the Loire boutique. they had so many birkins and kellys! they had a lot of BJ's and gold's.

    hopefully i can go to the hermes store soon.
  11. bijin - They're definitely cheaper in Europe. Is that a consignment or private boutique selling Hermes? Most private boutique hike up the price so much. Also these bags never go on sale so with the hike up of the price in that boutique, they can "offer" sales.

  12. lv, you're so lucky with an hermes shop close by with better prices!
    i hope i can find one in hawaii when i go there this summer.:unsure:

    the shop is a gorgeous boutique and they only sell chanels and hermes bags. well, their sale prices are a joke!:lol:
    there are also so many boutiques that sell online here in japan but the prices are all high! some of them carry used and new ones at the same time.