$$$ Are BIG bags here to stay?

  1. Whatever happened to the small bag? Just a couple of years ago, average sized purses were the norm but it seems like all the coolest and trendiest bags are now HUGE! I went to the Beverly Center today and saw a girl about 5'2 and super skinny carring the LV Manhatton GM and it looked heavier than she was!

    Another thing that I realized was how silly my thoughts were today. I checked out every girls bag at the mall and when I saw a girl carrying a tiny designer purse that was so cute, I thought to myself, "why didn't she get the bigger one? Hmmm... maybe she didn't want to fork out the money..."

    Will the trend of big 3 llbder bags go away or are they here to stay?
  2. It doesn't matter whether huge or normal handbags are in style. What matters the most is that you're 100% comfortable of wearing it. :smile:
  3. i don't know and honestly i don't care :p
    i LOVED big bags since it was not a trend.
    i can never see my self carrying small bags, my stuffs will never fit on them.
  4. I don't care whether they are 'in' or not. I buy what looks best on me - and small bags don't.
  5. I'm a small bag girl. I only carry my purse, phone, keys, chapstick so there is no need for me to carry a large handbag.
  6. I think they'll have they're day, I'm not keen on BIG bags, i like the thought of fitting everything in them but they look so cumbersome!
  7. Im very tall so bigger bags look much better on me. Besides I would rather spend lots of $$$$$ on a big bag than pay the same amount for a teeny purse. Its always good to get more bag for your money:yes:
  8. I love some of the bigger bags but honestly, I think it hasn't gotten a little ridiculous.....I am scaling down. Not too much, but if a bag is too big I send up stuffing everything in.

  9. Fashions and styles come and go. It's a cycle, IMO. I imagine smaller bags will make their way back into the forefront in a few seasons.
  10. I love the look of the big bag but I stick with medium sizes. I just don't schlep around enough stuff to carry a big bag even thought I really want one.

    What do you guys put in it? lol. I carry a checkbook wallet (big) and a sidekick (big), make up bag (somewhat big) and keys, maybe other miscellaneous random items, but even then I can not fill out a big purse. And then it just makes it difficult to find stuff, because it sort of gets lost! So how do you big bag wearers handle the big bag? I need trainning on the big bag!! :confused1:
  11. bigger bags are probably here for good.
  12. I love Big bags, the bigger the better. I dont like small bags. I am only 5.2" so i may look silly.....but i would never get a smaller one. :smile: :smile:
  13. like someone else said, fashion is cyclical. I'm sure the huge, oversized bags will fade out of style sooner or later. I think I'll still carry a decent sized bag no matter what. I'm pretty tall, and just think it looks goofy for me to have a little bag!
  14. ^^me too. I carry big totes for work, so I can stuff my paper works and laptop. Having said that, even when going out I like my bags big. With 2 young children, I tend to carry a lot of things in my bag like wet wipes and stuff.
  15. I think big bags are here to stay because they're practical - most women I know carry a lot of stuff! I prefer big bags so that I can tote all my stuff around.