Are Bare Legs ok In A Professional Environment ?

  1. What are your opinions on bare legs in a professional environment.?

    What do you consider, is it the season or location when determining what professional dress is ?
  2. I would argue that bare legs are ALWAYS ok, but I hate nylons and think that they look tacky.

    Unfortunately, there probably are some business environments where bare legs are not ok, so it's probably best to check into that before showing up.
  3. I live in Phoenix, and in the summer I see lots of people with bare legs. If I am just running around, doing errands and such I do not bother with the stockings (can't wear pantyhose anymore) if I am wearing a dress or skirt. At a meeting or work, I put the stockings on because my legs just aren't as pretty as they used to be. I suppose if a woman kept her legs smooth, I wouldn't think anything of bare legs. I'm just used to it, I guess.
    In the work place I definately think hose or stockings should be just looks more professional and gives the woman a more finished and professional appearance.
  4. I think it depends where you are. In L.A., everything is very relaxed. In more conservative business environments here it's seems to be okay as long as your skirt is not too short. (knee length, etc.)
  5. I think bare legs are okay in the summer (season) even if a professional job
  6. I'm glad that my office does not require women to wear nylons. Southern CA can get pretty hot in the summer. N to be honest, I'm not a fan of nylons :huh:
  7. i agree it depends on where you are and on the kind of environment you work at.
    here in most cases it's OK, but you can always find somebody that is annoyed by this...
  8. I *hate*hate*hate* nylons but for the most part am not comfortable with bare legs at the office (except with sandals) so I wear pants and pants suits mostly.
  9. This is a job for your human resources office to answer - it's an office policy issue. I've worked in very few corporate environments where bare legs with anything shorter than mid-calf length - if acceptable.

    But man do I hate nylons!!!!
  10. I think its fine. Nylons are so matronly, and who the heck cares anyways.
  11. Until a few years ago, our company had a dress code mandating hosiery be worn and no open-toed shoes. They've loosened up A LOT in the last couple of years, but in many business environments, these are still required.
  12. i think they're not ok, and neither are open toed shoes. but i lean to the conservative, dresswise, as far as work clothing is concerned....then again, i'm so not conservative elsewhere.
  13. I once had a part time job in which I was supposed to adhere to the office dress code for meetings. This included no open-toed shoes and nylons with everything (knee highs for pants) even in the summer. I so resented this that I basically told them I was quitting if they didn't change that antiquated policy. They eventually just let it go.

    Obviously, this was just a small part-time deal, so I wasn't very invested in it. If my real life "career" were on the line, I suppose I'd have just given in and dealt w/ the dress code.

    I hadn't thought about unshaved legs, flip flops, cracked toenails or other unsightly issues. I guess when I supported bare legs I assumed that everyone would have nicely shaved legs and a pedicure!

    So I still hate nylons and will continue my campaign to have policies that mandate them expunged from the universe...but can understand other views, lol!!!
  14. I couldn't agree more. Nylons are not cute in my opinion. I can never find the right color and instead of looking sophisticated, I look twice my age! Unfortunately for me, I've worked in some rather conservative environments. I'm not a huge fan of skirts that fall at or below the knee. Since mini skirts are never appropriate at work, I realized that I'm safe if I wear pants most of the time.
  15. I think unless you are working directly with the top executives, barelegs are not acceptable...
    Beside that, barelegs should be ok, especially in the summer.