Are bangs still in? I'm starting to get bored of mine, thinking about growing it out?

  1. What do you think? Are they still in, or are they gonna be in forever :sad:
  2. I keep seeing them everywhere, I started wearing mine before the craze though and they just work for me......if you're bored start clipping them off to the side or try to part them and see what you think. I part mine in the middle or side or put a hair clip in when I feel like getting them off my face....
  3. I like the side swept bangs.
  4. I'm so tired of seeing side swept bangs but I do have them myself. It's just the easiest way to add something interesting to the hair. I think bangs are still in. Actually, I don't really think there's an "in" hairstyle...whatever looks good on you will always look "in".
  5. I do not have bangs now but I love the longer side swept bangs and am going to get them cut next time. Maybe late in the game, but I still think they are 'in' and look great.
  6. It's good to have a current look but don't be a slave to whatever is "in". Do what you want! I change DAILY with whatever the hair decides it is going to do today! :p
  7. I have bangs & I've had them way before they became "in". They just work for me....everyone knows me for my It shouldn't matter what's "in", do whatever YOU want.
  8. Straight-across bangs are classic. What's hot right now is bangs bluntly straight across or longer/sideswept. On the other hand, '70's feather and '80's pouf...pretty dated. I would also avoid bangs that are cut straight across BUT are thin and wispy-looking....they need to be thick if they are cut straight across.
  9. I think side swept bangs will always be around because it flatters almost everyone. I esp. like Paris and Nicole's here

  10. I hope bangs are never out of style because I can't wear my hair without them! I was lucky enough to inherit my father's side of the family receeding hair line, so my hair line is kind of, well, manly :sad:... It's pretty annoying. I went through the "pin them back with bobby pins" phase but I think I look better with them. I want the kind of bangs that Nicole and Paris have, but my hair is so frickin weird and my hair line is a pain to work with. I even asked for that type of bang (I normally wear mine to the side) and the frickin woman didn't do jack.
  11. I personally hate following trends and 'what's in'. Whenever a trend catches on, I try to avoid it as much as possible. I don't see the point in looking like everyone else if I can help it. I had bangs waaaay before the craze started. Then just before it started, I grew them out. Now I have them clipped back with a bobby pin or tiny spider clip at the side. I went through a phase of side swept bangs, but to me, those aren't practical. They are always up in my face. I am thinking of getting my bangs back too. I'm waiting it out just a bit further until this bangs craze completely dies down.
  12. Nicole's head looks gigantic on top of her body. :|
  13. I think they're still in. I've had mine since last december. Now if only I could train them so they wont split (stupid cowlick!)
  14. It's all about what flatters your face. I've always had bangs of some sort and my sister never has. They work on me and they don't on her, no matter what the trends say!
  15. I think it depends. Some bangs make you look super young(which I guess is good for some people), those are the type of bangs I dont like. Ijsut got my hair cut and I now have Side swept bangs which I LOVE. I like how it makes my face look a little less long lol. I will probably keep them forever, even if they are "out" of style. Who cares, if you like like it! Its YOUR hair..nobody elses!