Are Balenciaga Bags a Good Investment?

  1. Sometimes I look at the bags here and on eBay and dream about how I will be able to afford more colors when I start working (still plugging away in a grad school), and I get all happy...:shame:

    But then I feel kind of guilty, like I should be saving it to buy a house, or giving it to my parents, or donating it to charity... Is this a crazy thought, considering I don't have to worry about it yet? Sometimes I'm overly introspective.
  2. Hi spiral,
    Hopefully, when you are out of school, you will be able to afford to do it all! ;)

    So far, Bbags are holding their value pretty well at re-sale, but for the most part I don't think you should expect to make a profit on any bags you buy. You might, but the market is fickle. Saving for a house, giving to your parents or contributing to charity are far more laudable ways to spend your money, than on handbags. But we all need a few handbags to keep us happy! :flowers:
  3. I wouldn't invest my life savings in bags - LOL, although I'd like to!!

    But of the brands that are out there, I think that Bbags tend to hold their value. It's hard to predict which ones will become really coveted (i.e. like seafoam, flat brass, etc...), but generally, most are selling for only a few hundred below the original price! Not bad if you've used it for a couple of years!

    I think Bbags, Hermes and LV tend to hold their value best, along with some of the classic Chanels (not the trendy ones) if they're in good shape.