Are Balenciaga bags a fad?

  1. I ask here b/c most LV owners love the classics.

    Is this bag really going to be around for the next 20 years??
  2. 20 years? probably not.

    I don't own any so I can at least be impartial about it I think.

    My opinion is that they have lasting power, but 20 yrs is pretty ambitious, 5 yrs is better than most bags IMO aside from the few obvious classic staples like LV, Chanel, and Gucci. . .

    I could be wrong, but w/ the fun colors, tassels. . . . I see more like 5 yrs of staying.

    I'd like an Ink or Magenta one!
  3. Well they HAVE existed for quite a few years already so it's not like they're a new thing. They're only "new" because of the myriad of celebrities seen with them. Chances are, if celebrities hadn't been seen with them, no one save for the small percentage of people who had been to the original Balenciaga stores would know about them.
    I really don't see why they won't stick around. IMO, they'd only be considered a fad to those who buy the fakes of the "new hot celeb bags" each time one is publicized. They tend to move on pretty quickly so they'd probably consider them a fad.
  4. Yea Balenciaga is pretty old actually. I think it'll be around, maybe the current styles won't be, which is what I love about mono lv, classic... but Balenciaga will be.
  5. ^I'm thinking/talking about the hottest styles right now. . . .
    I am totally willing to be wrong though!
  6. I'm not sure.. I've never carried one or owned one, so I can't really give an opinion as an owner. I would have to say that I personally believe that Louis Vuitton bags may have a longer lifespan than B-bags, but b-bags may very well be something that will be continued to be carried.
  7. I am researching them... never held one, so I am curious. Want a casual red bag this fall (epi is too sophisticated) so I was looking into b-bags.

    But seeing them on SO MANY celebs makes me wonder. Thats why I ask.
  8. Chances are the more celebs you see them on, the more the overexposure...and the faster they'll go. IMO they'll be out within the next few years....just like those horrid gucci waist pouches everyone in Vancouver seems to be slinging around.
  9. Are we talking smack about B-bags in the LV sub-forum now? Let me go and tell on you to my B-bag sisters in the other forum. j/k :roflmfao:

    Personally, I think the black First and City have the longest staying power for B-bags since most celebs are caught with a black B-bag. I want to get a black City sometimes by the end of this year because I consider that a classic color.
  10. They are a fad. They are trendy, in 10 years you would look wierd walking around with one. If they didnt have the tassels,and the long strap they would last a bit longer.
  11. I have a 'horrid Gucci pouch!':amazed: :lol:
    I didn't want to carry a handbag around Disney so I wore a Gucci belt bag, I was stopped twice a day everyday asking where I got it!

    I don't think B-Bags are on their way out, but 20 yrs still seems unrealistic to me.
  12. I think any well made bag will last. Balenciaga as a design house has a strong history so I think it will be fine. I own several and still consider myself impartial/objective. If you determine longevity on the number of fakes, as mentioned, LV would be on its way out as well. I think Bbags have staying power as the leather is soooo soft. It all depends on personal style, I am not a structured bag person and I don't think I ever will be. This bag fits my style more than any other and I assume that is the same for others. I know I will continue to buy them:love:
  13. Lol...sorry if it sounded like an attack on the waist pouch swankymamaof3...its just that sooooo many ppl. in Vancouver have it, guys and girls, and lots of fakes too....
  14. The balenciaga motorcycle bags have been around for at least 5 years - I think they have staying power :P Also, the tassles are removable ;)

    And if you're scared of it being a fad get a brown or black one. Brown and black leather bags never go out of style.
  15. Both of which are removable ;)