Are bags your first love?

  1. Once I have enough money saved every month for my bills and what not, the first order of business is purses and clothes. I figure as long as everything is paid that I h ave to pay (mortgage, electric...) then I am all good to splurge on myself. Luckily my BF agrees!!
  2. Before coming to this forum, it was designer denim, shoes, and home decor. Now it's become bags, home decor, designer denim, shoes.
  3. Well I quite like my DH and boys but yep, after them, bags are def my main love. I'm also a sucker for sunglasses and watches. Shoes I can leave (although I love Duo boots) and the wierd thing is I'll happily spend hundreds on a bag but will think twice about £45 on a skirt!!! My next big spend after bags is books.
  4. armcandy, i am like you, but going the other way; i was always very small, loved clothes, loved shopping for them, but now i am fat and 40 and its just not much fun right now to buy clothes! i guess thats why i adore my bags, i dont have to "try them on"....well, not really...not like to answer the question, definately bags, jewelry, house stuff...of course thats after getting my twins what they need, but before hubby....:smile:
  5. Teddy Bears first, Bags second...