Are bags your first love?

  1. How much do you ladies love bags compared to other things? I like bags a lot but I think that even though I have the money to buy bags more often than I actually do, at the end of the day I don't because I rather travel or save the money for when I'll move abroad etc.

    So if anyone understood my point here I was wondering if on tpf most people rather buy bags instead of putting the money into other things (not counting basic needs).
  2. yeah they definitely are. they would be too if it was my own money. but i would save for traveling and concerts and shopping too
  3. Yes, I spend disproportionately on bags compared with anything else (i.e., clothes, shoes, jewelry). I just enjoy them more and feel like I get more enjoyment for the money. I think it's because I can use a bag I love every day and it combines both practicality (making it easier to carry things around) and style (beauty of the leather and style).
  4. This probably isn't what you're asking, but if say I could only rescue three items from my burning apartment, I would leave behind my (empty!) purses and gather up my ID documents, photographs galore and my car keys instead. But I'm probably off-topic. Hmm, I have never put $$ into a Bag Fund; my first choice would actually to save towards an item of clothing that I needed (right now I am looking at winter coats). I would like to start saving for a townhouse or house but have not started looking seriously.
  5. In terms of non-essentials, it's bags, books and travel in variable order depending on my mood followed by shoes, jewellery (a real weakness for watches) and theatre.
  6. I'm with you on the watches!
    Lately I have prioritized handbags over other purchases, however, some other areas now need attention so I am trying to not buy purses/watches/shoes. It is more painful than I anticipated!
  7. Bags and shoes top my list. Of course, with a family other things usually take precedence because I like to dress my children well, involve them in extracurriculars and we like to be able to take family vacations. But when there is extra after other things are taken care of, it is bags and shoes!
  8. Yes, I love bags the most!!! My next addiction would be sunglasses!
  9. I'd have to totally agree with citychris...I spend most of my money on bags(except for my kids needs of course)...bags just give me so much pleasure:love::love:.
  10. Of my "spending money" that I have left over after all the essentials are out of the way, I spend way more money on bags than anything else (and I wouldn't have it any other way ;)) Second would be clothes. Third would be makeup.
  11. bags are totally my first love. I just can't get enough.
  12. Bags, and accessories in general, are my first love. I was so overweight most of life that I was never able to enjoy the clothing options and styles that skinny girls did. Bags, jewelry, and accessories were the only means I had to "fabulize" myself. Even though losing weight has opened up a lot of clothing options for me, I still love my bags, jewelry, and accessories.
  13. I actually was really into clothes and shoes first. Bags were kind of a late comer...I dressed nice but would skimp on a bag for some reason. Now I realize how much a great bag pulls my whole look together!
  14. YUP!!!! Bags are my first love. Ever since I can remember I've had a purse on my shoulder....even when I was a little girl...I'd carry my barbies and crayons in a purse that my grandma or mother had given me.

    ArmCandyluvr, you are absolutely right....bags and shoes always fit...and they always look good!
  15. Jewelry first, bags second...........