Are Baby Coco Cabas in Black leather still available anywhere?

  1. Does anyone know if they are still available at Chanel Boutiques or dept. stores that carry Chanel or if they are sold out?
  2. and are they included in the price increase that is said to happen?
  3. nope, they're not included in the price increase, only the classics!!! :sweatdrop:
  4. Thanks! I just got finished reading the 12 page thread on it and I am relieved lol! :yes:
  5. Also wanted to ask if they are comfortable to wear on your shoulder- do the straps fit ok around your arm when on the shoulder (or is it like a Balenciaga first where you can barely squeeze it onto your shoulder lol)- and is the chain/leather entertwined comfortable or does it dig into your shoulder?
  6. I just called around to a few NM, Saks and Chanel boutiques and they are all out - they all said they have inches thick of waiting lists! :sad: