are baby Cabi still around?

  1. hiiii again! It seems as though the baby Cabases are not around anymore!? I am calling and looking............some of you have posted that you are on lists for it! I cannot even find a store expecting a supply, to even get on a list!! waaaaaaaaaaaaaaah I wanna book an appointment with my Chanel purse therapist! :sad: Want dark silver or khaki! want navy! want persimmon! want eggplant! hey, would take freakin' tie-dye leather if they had it! :p
  2. I spoke with Brandi at Saks, San Antonio, TX, this past weekend. They are expecting, tho don't remember when, white babies but there is a list. Hope another member can help you!
  3. they are still out there...just have to be patient or can do a waitlist that will take forever.
    another alternative is probably eBay..but beware of fakes. i have seen lots of those also.
  4. The baby cabas has been reordered by Chanel boutiques and some department stores in white, black, and dark silver for S/S2007. There are waitlists, so call around.
  5. Everyplace I've called said the baby cabas wait list is full. I'm so depressed because I wanted a black so badly!