Are B bags cruelty free?

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  1. And if it were so cruel, why are so many countries not disallowing the consumption of it?

  2. That is like asking why hasn't veal been outlawed or pet overpopulation been irradicated?

    Just because it hasn't been banned worldwide, doesn't mean it is not cruel.

    You are trying to state it is not cruel. It IS a cruel process with organizations and countries that are quite credible supporting this stance.

    Would YOU want to allow your personal pets to experience the suffering of veal calves and foie gras geese?
  3. And many equally credible organizations and peoplem, have stated the cruelty aspect has been overblown. Again, agree to disagree. I eat veal and foie gras and it doesn't exactly keep me up at night anymore than a turkey sandwich would.
  4. The STATE of California has made strong concerted efforts to uphold the 2004 ban on restaurants selling foie gras. A STATE.....with lots of people....who are intelligent ....who care about stopping inhumane acts and are not in some bizarre denial about this outrageously cruel procedure.
    What's the point in denying this? What's your stake in all this?
  5. And not all states or countries do. I don't buy the rest of us are just in denial or love food way too much to think about the animals.
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    I'm only talking to you. And only about the reality of this one process...not about people who eat meat or do not eat meat. Just foie gras and what goes into making this one thing.
  7. Closing thread, take it to PM if you wish to discuss it further.
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