Are Azzedine Alaia ballet flats comfy?

  1. I bought some beautiful Azzedine Alaia ballet flats today at Barney's on sale. I was wondering if anyone knows if they are comfortable. They are beautiful pretty!! I appreciate any feedback!! Thanks....:smile:
  2. ohh I love the lace ones! they are beautiful. if you dont mind me asking for much are they on sale?

    I have a pair of denim bow flats and I find them extremely comfy :yes:
  3. They are very comfy. I got a leather studded flats & the leather is really soft.

  4. Thanks a lot for your replies.
    They were on sale for 265 from 660.
    They are pale pink w/ black lace and they are so pretty!
    I bought them at the BH Barneys and they had more sizes.