are avventuras really *that* much larger than BVs?

  1. in terms of what you can fit into the bag, i mean.

    i just have to ask! deciding what bag to buy in the vacanze print is stressing my brain...:sweatdrop:
  2. It is catagorized as a "travel bag" on the lesportsac website. There is a pic of someone modeling a tutti in one of the posts and to me it looks like a very large tote, good for travel or a diaper bag, but maybe a little too large for a purse. But of course its a personal choice, there was a pic of a girl using a luna as a purse and she totally rocked it! I am going through the same dilemma. What do I get in transporto and what to get in vacanze??? I don't think people are warming to the size, I think the AV may not be grabbed as quickly as the handbags and tote bags. The lunas and treninos are always last to go. I love the aventura though, especially if you love the print.
  3. i saw my friend's avventura yesterday. if you're used to a BV as a purse, you could probably use it as a tote. if you're used to small purses it would make a better travel bag. i'd use it as a school bag, b/c i go to art school, and it would fit sketchbooks and everything comfortably.
  4. the bv's pretty big to me. xD i saw it at the lesportsac store a few weeks ago. >< but i don't remember the exact size so i can't give you a comparing description.
  5. IT's HUUUUUUUUUUUUUUGE.... and soooo big that it's kinda awkward looking as a regular bag. I think BV is better as a daily bag.
  6. I tried a tutti avventura on macys. I would say its like 1.5 of the size of BV. Its big but its not that huge. I kinda like it. But i think BV is a perfect size for a tote, MM is too small for me..maybe thats why i think avventura is not that huge. If u think MM is good for you, then avventura is probably too big.
  7. thanks, everyone! i just snagged a tutti avventura on evilbay, which should be perfect for my upcoming cruise to bermuda. i'm planning to use it as a beach tote, so anything smaller seems, well, too small. my spiaggia bv seems a bit too small for me - so i guess that makes me a big bag gal.

    it's my 500th post! aw yeah! :yahoo: