Are Any Other Sellers Getting Seriously Lowball Offers?

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  1. All of my items are listed as "Buy it Now" and I have them very reasonably priced. In the past, I've never minded if someone asked if I'd accept their offer, as many were reasonable and they worked out to be quite pleasant transactions.

    However lately, it seems as if the lowball offers are coming out of the woodwork. (Keep in mind that I don't use the "Best Offer" option) I recently had someone offer me $100 for a gold necklace that I have priced at $500. (Which is a quite a deal at that price)

    I always respond in kind to people, but the offers lately have been utterly ridiculous. Is anyone else having this issue lately?

    I can't wait for ebay to pick up. Sales are so very slow according to many friends that I've spoken to.
  2. ITA sales are so slow ATM. I would think that they would start to pick up as we edge closer to Xmas.

    I had a buyer email me twice that she needed to buy the shoes I was selling and had been looking for them everywhere but that I would have to sell them at half the price and ship for free because that is all she could afford.

    After her second email I replied that I was not in a position to financially compensate purchases for her and to try and source them elsewhere - to this I received abusive emails. :nogood:
  3. Same here, I have a designer bag for sell and list $500 with BIN price $900. Some people ask if they can buy it with $300. I was kindly replied the price I list is the minimum I can take. I have list the bag with details and pictures show the original price tag was over $2000. I wish now I can get at least 1/4 of the money back. :sad:
  4. Several weeks ago I had someone offer me $150 for a handbag that was listed at $2900. I wanted to reply very unkindly but I let it go. I ended up selling it for my BIN price.
  5. Definitely! I have also had people offer $100 for a bag listed at $800. I'm trying to give everybody as much of a deal as I can, but that is just too low for me. The sad part is that I am sure that some of the products would make the buyer sooo very happy, but there's a limit on how low I can go with the price..

  6. I think we got the same buyer.
    I got an offer $300 for a Brand new Celine Mini bag that retail for $2400+. How can you respond to that?
  7. Decline and block, that's how!
  8. I'm sorry to hear about the abusive emails you received. I do hope that you reported this potential buyer to ebay and as someone down-thread mentioned, block them.

    Like you, I do hope that sales pick up with the holidays around the corner. Fingers crossed.
  9. I list in the same manner in which you do, with my Buy it Now at the very minimum that I can accept.

    I would continue to re-list your handbag at the price you currently have and I'm sure when potential buyers see that you're not going to lower your price, someone will purchase it soon. I wish you the best. :smile:
  10. $150 for a handbag worth $2900?? (My jaw hit the floor)

    I'm happy to hear that you did sell it for your BIN price. :smile:

    As for the other ladies that have responded, thank you. It seems as if I'm not alone. Hopefully, all of our sales pick up soon.
  11. I would re-list with a best offer option. Everyone likes a bargain. Even if you discount $25 or offer free shipping it can make or break the sale.
    As a buyer, I always like to feel that I got a little deal(even if I paid for it:smile::roflmfao:
    It is simple selling and buying psychology.
  12. I had pretty much the same experience as you! I listed a pair of never worn shoes as BIN for $25 shipping not included (I originally paid $80 for them) and got a message from a buyer who said she was down on some hard times and would pay me $20 for the shoes and shipping..I didn't even reply. I'm not going to sell something for half off just because somebody can't afford it.
  13. I can top this one. One lady actually ask me thru a best offer for a discount because she was entering the convent.:roflmfao:

    And no, I was not selling a Cross, it was a Tifanny Open Heart set.
  14. I think there will always be people who lowball, just to see what happens. They think that sellers might be so desperate that they'll accept a ridiculous offer. Years ago I was selling a Fendi bag for $700 and that was a very good price. Someone offered me $300. I told her no way, what made her think I would accept that, and she said she offered a low price "just in case it wasn't authentic." Needless to say, someone else bought the bag.
  15. Why do You add have best offer option? I am a seller and I dont have best offer option on my items. Never had. I dont get the point. I know people here say BO option allows them to screen potential buyers but really does it? How? I dont block 0 feedback buyers (I personally never had a problem with new to ebay buyers) and by having Fixed price/immediate payment required You eliminate non payers.