Are any other bags.....

  1. made in the pond color? I am looking at satchel but it may be too heavy of a bag for me to get and use alot and for that price I would want to get something I would carry alot but I really love the color. I am going to go back into my store this weekend and hold it before I make a decision but wanted to get advice/info from you girls first.
  2. [​IMG]

    pond shoulder bag #10328.

    great bag!
  3. How much is that one? Cant seem to get it to come up on
  4. For some reason the shoulder tote is no longer on, Retail 398.? It may be sold out, there was also a wristlet, and a wallet. You need to call CS with the item number to check stock. Or hunt the outlets, eBay. Good luck. A few of us wish they made a Pond Ali . . .the satchel is a beauty, but it is weighty and large.
  5. Call Coachs 1 877 # or your store directly and they can order one from Jax, last I heard they still had a lot of the pond shoulder bags.
  6. There's also a top-handle pouch, but you should be able to still order the pond shoulder from JAX. A lot of times they take things off the website that are still in stock-- for example the Crimson Signature Stripe Tote. THey still have plenty but it isn't on the site.
  7. really?!

    i didn't know that.

    i wish the khaki was made in top handle/mandy/shoulder zip or bag.
  8. :crybaby:I called to order the shoulder in pond and it is completely sold out. They took my info to backorder but no gaurantee.
  9. Forgot to ask my store so maybe you guys will know. If I backorder today will I get my PCE discount?