Are any of you suckers of VINTAGE CARDIGANS

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  1. hey everyone i was just wondering if im the only nut here that goes kookoo for the vintage cardigans . with embellished flowers very unique items. i go crazy for them on eBay i have many and dress them up so cute. i love cardigans i was hoping someone else in this forum shares my passion for vintage cardigans. anyone???:shame:
  2. I have a couple that look vintage. I bought them from forever 21 a few years ago and I love them.
  3. I love cardigans! I have so many. I wear them on top of everything. No vintage though. It's hard to shop for them here. Most vintage stores mainly carry dresses. I dress mine up with vintage brooches and cameos though.
  4. I have had a few (cashmere), and love them!!! I have temporarily lent them to my MIL...but I love anything vintage!!!
  5. I know the look, and I love it. would really love to get a hold of a vintage cardigan like that. But up until now, I havent been lucky enough to find one...
  6. I love Vintage!
  7. I own a few vintage-look cardigans, but they're not "officially" vintage. They just look that way. I like the whole 1950's fashion era.