Are any of you hung over????

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  1. Hehe I thought this would be a good counterpart to the "drunk" thread, complete with descriptions of headaches and hangover cures!

    I actually didn't drink, but when i do...the next day is not very fun:graucho:
  2. I'm not feeling too great!!! I shouldn't have had that last glass of wine.... I woke up w/ a screaming headache. I'm too old to deal w/ hangovers. No more wine for me for awhile.
  3. yeah, I'm not really "hungover" but my head hurt a bit this morning. I imagine it will hurt more on Wednesday, the morning after all the July 4th parties:smile:
  4. I've tried the Chaser tablets. They seem to help but I always forget to take more when I'm supposed too! I also find a huge glass of water & some Ipubrofen before bedtime help alot the next morning.. Hangovers suck :yucky: I usually just have a headache after drinking the night before. I can't remember the last time I got sloshy "college" drunk, LOL!
  5. i'm not hung over, but i certainly wish i was drunk...what a craptastic 24 hours it has been.
  6. ^ i hear you amanda! ugg i wish i was drunk right now!
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