Are any of you as crazy for jeans as me?

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  1. I love jeans! Every since I was pregnant with my first child, all I wanted was a great pair of fitting jeans. I been stuck on 7 for all mankind and they are my favorite skinny jean. I also love my citizens, rock and republic, and true religions. Joe's Jeans got great reviews, but I found them disappointing. They don't hold their shape. They are tight when I first put them on and by the end of the day my rear end is sagging.:yucky: I was also not as impressed with AG, even if they are Oprah's favorite.
    I would love to hear what anyone else thinks! Please reply:yes:
  2. Love jeans. My favorite skinnies are my Earnest Sewns.
  3. I LOVE my Lucky boot cut...they just fit my butt, and legs perfect. I look terrible in skinny jeans...I also love my pure color jeans.
  4. I :heart: sass & bide misfits and true religion I bought a pair of 7FAM regular bootcut in my size and they seem too stretch waaaaaaaaaay too much and dont look that good compared to the sass & bide and true religions which I got for 1/2 price
  5. Love jeans! Being a student now, I live in them everyday :yes: :yes:
  6. I LOVE jeans too. My faves right now are my Paige skinnies and my TRs.
  7. i love jeans! mainly rock & republic because i like the fit/design best but i have 1 lone true religion and 1 pair of sevens.
  8. Since this forum I definitely want to try on some 7.
    For me with jeans it´s Love/hate relationship, depends how I feel in my body bc if I don´t feel right they ´re there to remind me of it......when they become too tight, and your thights and butt and belly compressed remind you everytime you sit how much weight you put on ;you know what I mean ?......
    Going to try some new in a shop to me it´s like a bikini mission, you´re in a good mood you see these lovely jeans calling you, and then you try them on........and put them back right away, and call your friend for a cup of cocoa.
    OMG I sound so depressing, but when I love myself they are my best friends, nothing can emphasize my lovely butt like they do !!!
  9. I was over at authentic forum and i saw your pics and i was floored..DAMN WOMEN LOL..

    Im in desperate need of the 74AMK black crystal flynts in


  10. mello_yello_jen, when you say "outdated", does that mean you've added MORE jeans to your awesome collection? ;) I'm SOO envious, i want some of your Paiges heh.

    And i'm a jeans lover too, my absolute faves are my TRs and the jeans by an indie Aussie label Claude Maus.
  11. wow, mello_yello_jen, you have a lot of jeans! at one point i had about 12 pairs but they're now outdated and too big for me. i used to LOVE jeans but that was before i got into my current handbag craze:smile: i have a lot of 7forallmankind but i think they never fit me that great. it's so much less work to find the right fit for a handbag! right now my favorite jeans are my paige skinny jeans and a random used pair of paper denim and cloth that are NOT stretchy!
  12. I am a jeans addict. I think I have about 50 pairs now. It is a sickness.
  13. Some great place to buy jeans include Off Saks and Last Call Neiman Marcus. They are about $50.00 cheaper. However, they usually from last season. Sometimes, Nordstrom have sales, usually in July. (those are their new designs, not what they are trying to get rid of.) Hope this helps any of my fellow jean fans who are on a budget.
  14. I love citizens of humanity,7 all man kind,juicy jeans,yanuk,joes jeans!. I recently purchased a nice pair of express dark indigo skinnys for 25 bucks!:yahoo: ,and I like the fit alot, I especially like the part that Im a size 2 in them :nuts: