Are any more Pomme Heart purses coming?

  1. I wasn't sure since they were LE if more are on their way or not?
  2. I've heard from 866 that they're gone, and not shipping any more. :crybaby: The only one you might be able to locate is the MC.

    I wanted one too, and didn't get on the list soon enough. :girlsigh:
  3. Yeah the SA that helped me the other day told me that she just shipped out the last Perle one in the company recently. She said the Pomme is gone and the Framboise as well, she had never even gotten to see that one.
    I believe there were a few more MC ones, but not a whole lot more at all...I don't really think there will be any more shipments like they had said there would be.
  4. i think they may be gone...
  5. Yeah --- I just spoke to my SA yesterday and she said that the Pomme was all gone; a couple of pieces of MC left in the company only. It really was limited edition!
  6. :crybaby: awe no more Pomme hearts.....
  7. gone for good :crybaby:
  8. I believe the vernis ones are sold out. Good luck on finding the MC as they are becoming scarce.
  9. I know for a fact there's still quite a few MC ones in England. London, mainly. I knew I should have picked it up when I went!
  10. oh dang, so much for there being lots of hearts available through march :sad:

    I'm glad I was able to locate a framboise but I'm kicking myself for not making sure that the SA who was suppose to put me on the waitlist for the pomme actually put me on it!
  11. I got a returned one in the late of april. No more newones were shipped here.
  12. i want the MC white, i am going to call around and see if any left.