Are ants amazing or annoying creatures?

  1. I think they are amazing, because it's the only animal that can lift 10 times their weight, so in proportion they are the strongest animal in the world.
  2. they're both! their social structure is really cool, as well as the different species. however, i have a ton of them in my yard. they drive me nuts when they bite me, oh well. i must be the only organic gardener in the neighborhood... but i also have tons of other awesome bugs that no one else in the neighborhood has too. i guess i have my own little ecosystem.
  3. They're fascinating to watch all lined up outside . . . but I don't want them in my house!
  4. ^^
    I totally agree!!! I am scared of insects in general... I mean to the point of phobia...
  5. I love them. If you don't want them in your house put some sweet melon outside and they will stay out there. Also, if they are in the house they may be looking for water. But ants are clean, unlike nasty cockroachs.
  6. Love them on the National Geographic Channel; hate them on my kitchen counter;)
  7. I think they are amazing and incredibly annoying. I am sorry I hate ants and flies, I dont understand what is their jod in the animal chain, whatever is call. I have traps all over my house for ants. I saw a documental once and they are so organized and truly amazing but I still dont understand what we need them for.
  8. :roflmfao:
  9. Blech, they are one type of bug I CANNOT stand. I have never had a good experience with them lol, I remember last year when I was watching my neighbor's house, there were ants all over their laundry room and in their cat food container. :yucky:
  10. I think that they are fascinating little things :yes: Their social structure is so complex and work so hard (geez I'd not want to be reincarnated as one!) They are also useful for getting a heads-up on the weather, we don't usually get them inside the house unless there's alot of rain coming. Yesterday there was a whole group of them in the guest room :confused1: but they disappeared today, and we had a huge storm tonight.
  11. I don't like them inside my house.
    But if I'm outside, and I see an ant trying to haul like, a gigantic crumb, I'll stop and watch. It's pretty gosh darn funny if you think about it.
  12. I think they are fascinating.

    One day, in a house we were staying on a small island, there were little piles of debris on the windowsills, corners, and various places when we woke up. I looked closely and each pile was being made by ants cleaning their holes....there were little bits of twigs, insect parts, etc. OK, fine....

    we went to the place on the island where we were working on a project, and guess what...SAME THING!!! It was ant cleaning day!!!!

    I always wondered if they did the same thing the next year, or what triggered was miles between the two locations. they were doing it on the beach weird.

    Its also incredible when they make ant bridges.

    ETA: I dont find them fascinating in the house however.