Are anthracite and argent the same color?

  1. ?? thanks!
  2. I believe Argent is silver whereas Anthracite is very very dark metallic silver. I had an anthracite once and it looked like very very dark metallic grey.
  3. argent is silver (from the Latin argentum which means "white money" or silver) ... ^_^ I have the anthracite... which is dark grey metallic
  4. thanks!! I saw a great bag on e-bay that they described as anthracite but it did look more silvery to me and the chloe tag said argent....The quest continues!!
  5. there are plenty of pics of the anthracite in the archives. the metallic anthracite is a black/grey metallic with a midnight blue hue to it. It is gorgeous.
  6. :search:so is there a non-metallic anthracite AND a metallic anthracite??

    I need a Chloe Color Quick Reference Guide! :P
  7. Yes there is!:yes:
    Try using the search function for the thread 'Documenting Chloe colours'
    There's probably every colour on there now. (Not sure if all the new A/W colours are yet tho):flowers: