are all tokidoki shirts made by american apparel?

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  1. curioussssss.
  2. Toki tees are made by American Apparel? You know ... I never looked at the tags on any of my tees but I never knew they were made by that company.
  3. i read on some site that was selling them that they are american apparel. well, the mens tshirts. i love american apparel cause theyre very very very comfortable. they fit so well. they're not stiff!
  4. Is it true? None of my t's say they're made by AA :confused1:
  5. Mine just say "Designed in Italy" and "Made in the USA".
  6. Mine too. I might even have one that says made in china. I think the short sleeved hoodie says made in china in it. :confused1:
  7. yah I looked at mine and they also say "designed in italy" ... "made in the USA"
  8. i think the ones that are made in usa are american apparel. i forget what site i read that on.
  9. agreed :smile: its nice, quite soft! also its very form fitting... makes everyone look good :p