Are all the Speedy handles the same length?

  1. I fell so silly asking this question.
    But I was wondering if anyone would know if the handles on the different size speedy the same length or different? Reason I ask is that I could squeeze one of the handles of the Speedy 30 up the shoulder. I know the speedy is designed to be hand carried but sometimes I wish I could just swing it up my shoulder when my hands are full. I am planning to get the Speedy 40 and if the handles are longer on the Speedy 40 than on the Speedy 30, then I can use the 40 as a shoulder bag as well.
  2. I think the handles for the 30 and 40 are similar in size. I don't think you would be able to use the Speedy as a shoulder bag unless you purchase a strap and clip it to the handles. I have straps for both of my Speedys and my Deauville - the straps are very useful!!!
  3. The speedy handles are generally the same size, however they do differ in width (eg. the MC Speedy is thicker). I don't think it's possible to squeeze it up the shoulder.....well you CAN but your arm dangles horizontally in a not so elegant way.......... if you desperately need to put it up your shoulder, I'd suggest getting a strap, or maybe you can get a shoulder bag instead:yes:
  4. I wonder if the 35 handles have the same length as the 30.

    can someone who owns both sizes assure the information?

    thank you! :smile: