Are all the speedies made in USA?

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  1. I went to the LV store in South Coast Plaza today and noticed their Speedy 25 and 30 were all made in USA. I want to find a new speedy that was made in France! :cry: Are the speedies in the US stores all made in the USA nowadays? I'm thinking whether I should go to Vegas and buy my speedy from there then...

    How about your speedy? Where is it made from?
  2. My Speedy is made in USA :sad2: SCP is where I got my Speedy and most of them are from USA, even my $550 french wallet is made in the USA. Oh well... There's a few that's made in Spain and France. My cousin's Batignolles Horizontal is made is France. How lucky.
  3. Awk, ya I noticed majority of their LV bags are made in the USA... even their manhattan PM and the popincourt that I wish to own some day. When I bought my damier papillon 30, I made them go through their piles to find one that's made in France and they only found ONE. Maybe I should go to Vegas then... great excuse too huh?
  4. Yup, that's a great excuse! :lol:
  5. well, if you get yours in the states you can actually ask the SA if they have a made in france tucked in their storage :smile: They usually put the made in USA ones on display. I understand why you want a made in France bag. I know quality is impeccable irregardless of where it is made but so much of LVs history is in France.
  6. My Speedy is Made in France. The SA should be able to find one for you.
  7. mine as made in france, but mine is a few yrs old..

  8. Mine is made in the USA, I wish it was France but I love her just the same!
  9. I'm of the opposite opinion. I'm going to specifically ask for the U.S.-made bags. I love that they're made here, and that quality American jobs are keeping the skill alive.
  10. My Speedy 40 is made in France. My 35 is made in the USA.
  11. My mum's is made in USA, an LV is an LV, I'm not picky.. I'll take it all !! ;)
  12. The more popular louis vuitton items are made in the U.S.A.
  13. It's the perfect excuse to go to Vegas! :biggrin:

    I couldn't find a made in France Manhattan PM where I live (in fact, some of the SAs were misinformed and told me that all of the Manhattan line was made in USA), so I called some of the Vegas stores and was able to find one. (Luckily, we had been planning to go there for our anniversary) In fact, when I got there, I found a couple more at other boutiques....

    Call around and see if they have one made in France. I'd hate for you to get there, and not find one. Though with all the LV boutiques, it's likely you'll find at least one. Oh, and of course another option is to have them mail it to you. Good luck!!
  14. I guess it's fairly random when it comes to which bags end up in stores or at Elux. I got my wallet from Elux and it's made in France.
  15. hah..for popular items (speedy, papillon, pochettes, cles) etc they're usually all made in the US if you're in the US.

    i went to vegas a few weeks ago and 4 boutiques (forum shops, wynn, fashion show saks & fashion show neiman) all had US ones. it varies.. most of the time just ask and they can get one. or 866-VUITTON. =]