Are all the pale magenta bags veiny?!?

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  1. I really love the color pale magenta, but I saw a few bags at my local NM, and they were extremely veiny and dry looking. This is not what I prefer. I also have seen some posts about this color being like this. Did anyone buy one with smooth leather?
  2. Not me :sad: although i did hear that the second shipment of Pale Magentas were less distressed...someone jump in and comment please!
  3. you know, i was thinking of this when i got a wallet today. but on a wallet, i kinda like it. i don't think i would so much on a bag.
  4. Oh I agree with lola!! I got a GSH coin and it looked nice on it (the veins), but the Cities I saw in Bal HK and some other retailers, they were all dry and super veiny!! But I did hear that conditioning it a few times will lighten the veins:confused1:
  5. I admit I don't like veiny at all. I'm for the thick, smooshy and smooth kind of leather. I can't deal with the white streaks that make the leather look a bit crackly because of it, IMHO.
    BUT - I've seen some before and after-pics where someone put moisturizer on the bag and it looked so much better! So perhaps they need breaking in and/or moisturizer and they look really good!
  6. tintin_16 posted pics just this morning of a pale magenta work with gorgeous leather, not veiny at all! I believe it was ShoeLover who was one of the first TPFer's to post a magenta city and it had really nice leather. I think I have seen some others posted as well that had really nice leather - and jo_ee posted pics of her magenta city after moisturizing in the care & maintenance section and it looks amazing!!
  7. Hello! Yes it was me who posted a thread in the Care & Maintenance subforum. My Pale Magen City was quite dry and veiny, and I intensively moisturised her about 4-5 times with 2 different type of leather creams. The first cream did nothing, the second one was the one that put the sheen on and intensifed the saturation levels. But yeah I've pretty much heard/read that most of the Pale Magentas are dry and crackly.
  8. Yes, wuth the exception of a few I've seen on here, all of the ones that I've seen IRL have been dry and veiny... I hope another lot will be better, but I've looked at then at BalNY, Barneys NY, and NM Paramus so it was not just a single store either. It's too bad, I really wanted one.
  9. What is happening to Balenciaga leather quality? :crybaby:
  10. I'm on my 4th Magenta First and am not 100% this is the best one I can find. The first 3 were SOOOOOO veiny which I can deal with but the white on the handles makes me nrevous. What's going to happen in a year or 2? Will all the color fade off?
  11. I spoke w Kim at BalNY and she seemed to think this most recent shipment was less veiny than before?? Not sure if its a sales tactic.....
  12. Hi, I was there on Friday, they looked a little less veiny, but not much and the leather was still so dry. Maybe the next shipment?
  13. The GH Pale Magentas dont seem to be as veiny, much smoother leather. Still not as nice leather as the BG bags but not as veiny as the RH Pale Magenta Bags. That seems to be the case with most Bal Colours, if the RH is veiny and thin, the GH is a bit thicker and smoother.
  14. Thanks, everyone, for your responses. I really like this color, but I'm probably going to pass on it unless I come stumble across one that is not too veiny. I don't have the patience like some of you to moisturize again and again! I want a fairly low maintenance bag.
  15. I couldn't believe how veiny and dry they were at NM SF. So disappointing!