Are all of these Goyards?

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  1. #1 Jan 30, 2010
    Last edited: Jan 30, 2010
    Thanks to the Hermes people I have found my way here.

    Just wondering if everything in here is Goyard?

    It would make sense too, since I see there's Goyard in Seoul.
  2. Do you have any better quality pictures? I realize they are from a music video but perhaps you can find stills somewhere? And by the way, that video is pretty cool... the fangirls are quite intense, though, screaming throughout the whole video!

    Anyways, I can definitely discern some signature Goyard shapes from the photo on the top left: there's a Beluga PM, what looks like two Boeing 45s, one in white and one in a darker color (I can't tell which because of the black and white shades, of course), and quite possibly an Ambassade or Diplomate. I can't see the trunks well enough to discern whether the clasp and design is Goyard, though in the second photograph down the chevron does seem to be there, especially when compared with the nearby Beluga. Can anyone with better vision verify? Thank you!

    Also, what's this pop star's name, GoP-Demon?
  3. The video isn't officially released yet, and the video was just recorded off a big screen at a concert. I can't wait for the official release though.

    This guy is one of the members of a korean group called Big Bang. Arguably, he is the handsomest :P.
  4. It seems Goyard. At least on picture 3 (column 1, row 2). The big strips looking very goyardized.
  5. actually, I'm starting to think these are LV
  6. They all look Goyard to me.
  7. Yup...agreed...Goyard..the stripes, the colours, the chevron..definitely Goyard!
  8. everything here in this pic is Goyard. definitely.
  9. hello...anyone here know the price of goyard hardy sac?