Are all of the Kooba bags on Ebay fake??!!

Dec 26, 2006
Ladies, I'm a newb whose about to quit Ebay all together. This is crazy. I'm in love with the Paige, but there is a big difference between this


and this -

The shine! None of these Ebay Koobas have the same shiny look as the Koobas I've seen from online retailers. Is there any chance Koobas from other seasons were more matte, or I am pushing my luck? And the sad thing is - I actually prefer matte leather. :sad: I'm so confused!!! :crybaby:
Concerning your concern about All Koobas being fake? I estimate nearly 50-75% are fake. It's very sad.
The Paige bag only came out this year. There is no past seasons Of Paige bags that have a matte leather. The Paige bags out now are the only ones issued so far. They put out the one you have posted and an embossed Python skin looking style.

Siennas have had several different variations. In the past a smoother leather and this Fall, a Pebbled version. There's even a few Suede Koobas.

There are a few Paiges on Ebay that are authentic. But if you aren't well versed on what to look for as far as authenticity, or if you don't know the seller, I wouldn't venture there.

I see 3 Paiges on ebay I know you can trust 100%. I have bought from these sellers numerous times...
Hello. I am actually a seller on Ebay. I sell mostly bedding, however have sold a few designer handbags of my own. Pictures can vary due to the camera being used and also the lighting. If ever in question ask the seller for addtional pictures. Most will be happy to send them. Be leary of auctions where the only picture provided is the generic web picture as this is not the actual picture of their bag. In the picture you featured in your post, the second picture is a general Kooba picture of the Paige bag. It is sad that there are some sellers who do sell fakes and pass them off as authentic. Do not give up on Ebay, you just need to educate yourself on what to look for as you can get some really good deals. Here are some tips. If someone is selling a $645 Kooba Paige handbag for $250, I would be leary. There is no way someone is going to get their hands on an authentic current season bag for a third of the price, unless it was stolen or is used. Most likely it is a knock-off. Next look at the seller and their feedback and how long they have been selling on Ebay. If they have even 1 bad feedback in regards to questionable authenticity - stay clear. Lastly, in regards to designer bags. I always look for bags with tags attached and sellers who will provide a copy of the sales receipt. Hope this helps...Good luck.