Are all LV paper bags dark brown...?

  1. Every single paper bag I've had from LV stores are a dark chocolate brown with brown handles. I saw an item on eBay with a biegey orange paper bag and blue handles. Does this mean the item is definitely a fake? The seller said it was purchased in June 2006. Is this fishy or not? Thanks
  2. Old LV shopping bags were a tan/beige color with either tan or blue handles.That does sound a bit odd that the seller would include an old shopping bag with a new? LV bag? :shrugs:
  3. I'll ask the seller if it's the original paper bag:graucho: The old paper bag was discontinued in 2004 if I'm not wrong.
  4. Back a few years ago the bags were biege/tan color with a blue handle. Is it possible that they bought an old bag recently and is reselling it again? You may want to sent a link to the authenticate it thread.
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