Are all locks made the same?

  1. hi everyone! i have a question regarding speedy locks, are they all made the same? I noticed that there are numbers but can you open a lock with a diff number than your key? and plus will they all tarnish just the same no matter what you do?:confused1:

    Here's the deal, I am a bit apprehensive about leaving the lock in my speedies ever since I experienced oxidation of the very first mono speedy 25's lock and keys... It left some trail on the vachetta... anyway, i have removed it since then and also the one in my damier 30. thing is, the keys in my new azur 25 are hanging on a closed padlock, i think hk buyers prefer it to be hanging this way and i do admit that it looks kind of cute. but now im getting scared that it will oxidize and leave a stain on the leather again.:sweatdrop: is there a way for me to open the padlock with the other locks keys? or i dont have a choice anymore?

    thanks in advance!!!
  2. You can only open a lock with a key that has the same number as it. If the mark that the look leaves on the vachetta really bothers you, then take the lock off. It is natural for the vachetta to et "dirty" from the happens on all the bags.
  3. post what number padlock it is and maybe someone can loan you a key to open it then return the key
  4. alternatively buy a new lock & key from Lv with the same number.

    Sorry I didn't answer your question but yes if you keep it on it will stain the tab I don't mind I think it's cute with the locks on but if you don't like it take it off but you will need that specific key.
  5. same number key.
    i like the mark it makes on the leaf. make the bag looked loved and used.
  6. hmmm... I think I want to remove the lock on days I wont be using it... darn, I can't believe I need to shell out for a new lock! haha.
  7. why not go to the boutique and borrow a key to unlock it? i am sure they will help you with need to buy a new set
  8. hm, maybe i'll try that first haha! :smile: