Are all Kooba Ada's in bourbon authentic??

  1. This leather is so distinct that I think it would be easy to spot a fake. I think the fakes I've seen have all been very smooth - not such great looking leather. Not that great bumpy look. Is it possible to know? I'm checking them out on eBay now. Thanks ! Any tips??:nogood:
  2. I think you might be right. I have yet to see a fake Jillian because of the pebbled leathers it came in. Probably holds true for the Ada. I think it would be hard to duplicate that. But some Adas may look better than others depending on the leather graining. We saw alot of less that desired Pebbled leathers come out of the Moving sale. All the bags left that hadn't been wanted.
  3. Thanks Lexie! I really had not thought about that. I like alot of crinkles. I'm wondering if this type of leather (even if you got one without a ton of crinkles) would crinkle up with using it? It seems like it would.
  4. I do not find it crinkles more as you use it as the pebbled leathers on the Jillians and Adas are so very thick.

    I certainly have seen faked Adas but they tend to look smoother.

    I have seen some Jillians that are not as heavily bumpy and I do not like them nearly as much.
  5. There are fake Ada's to be found, but like LadySalesRep said, they are usually smoother and you can spot them a mile off.

    The recent sand and bourbon Ada's on eBay have all looked fine though, but its best to post in the 'Authenticate this Kooba' section if you have found something you like that you arent sure about.

    The kooba experts on here will always help you out. :yes:
  6. Hopefully I will be able to tell by the leather. I have the jillian in bourban (from NM) and I would think the ada's leather should look really similar. If not it's probably a fake. Think so???????

  7. The pebbling might not be exact keep in mind. There are some bags that are lightly pebbled and they can vary wildly actually but the thickness and the feel/quality of the leather should tell the tale.

    And I agree with Lindy. These bags aren't going to crinkle more. They may soften up but not gain anymore texture.