Are all items on StyleDrops real

  1. I purchased a spy from them and the cover for it was white
  2. From what I hear & read they are authentic. I have never purchased from them. I considered it for a while because I really wanted the cognac. However the photos they had of the cognac & chocolate were the EXACT same bag (just photoshopped into different colors). Their honey spy looked different. That's not to say they arent real though.

    My spy came in a black duster, so I guess I can't be of much help.

    I have heard that their return policy is pretty strict and that they charge a restocking fee.

    Please post pics so we can see pics of your new bag!!
  3. Yes, from what i've heard secondhand too they are authentic. Please post pics of your spy-we'd love to see and drool!
  4. I think the Honey comes with a white dustbag.
  5. Ok good because I puchased a Fendi Spy Honey, it is real because I own a chocolate as well, but I have never seen another honey in real life besides mine, so I have nothing really to compare to.
    Also, the tags that mine had were kind of faded like the idenification card...But the bag is PERFECT!! I could have just bought it from Neiman but the only diff for me was that I saved money on tax and could get it in 2 days
  6. I just received my honey spy and its dustbag was black.
  7. I just bought another pair of Prada shoes from them..totally authentic...
  8. I wouldn't worry. From what I understand...they have a relationship with authorized boutiques and that is how they have authentic goods, they put their orders in with the authorized boutiques. They are not authorized, but offer original merchandise.
  9. They are authentic sellars. ( I bought a gucci bag from them)
  10. I bought a $1600 Versace bag from Styledrops last month and had it authenticated by the Versace NY flagship store. They wanted to know the website name, and told me I got a great deal from them for a true Versace.

    The only problem is that the price they quote you in dollars is not what your credit card will be charged. I had heard about their overcharging on other website forums, so I called their Customer Service and even made sure of the price as stated on their website and took the name of the service representative down. Still, I was charged over $150USD more for some reason. It was not because of the Euro conversion rate or bank fees. I am disputing this with my credit card company but we've not heard back from them yet.
  11. ^yep..they over charged me twice..promised to refund..NEVER DID...
  12. I bought my honey spy hobo from Bluefly, it was definitely authentic (double checked it with the members here), but it also came with a white dustbag. I'd be interested to find out what it means.
  13. i have a chocolate spy (with the canvas in the middle) and i love it!
    i am staring at the bag the whole time :smile:
    but i would like to have the honey one but from styledrops it issooooo expensive because of all the taxes. as there is no fendi store in holland and one store only got a few spy bags....does somebody know where i can order a honey bag online except for styledrops???
  14. have you tried neimanmarcus? - they have the honey spy bag