Are all Ink's Veiny?

  1. Were most of the ink bags veiny or is it just mine? Will the Lubriderm treatment help it?
  2. The Lubriderm treatment should work!
  3. Mine wasn't that veiny. I agree with zacorey, try using Lubriderm it does wonders!
  4. Mine wasn't that bad. But try Lubriderm like the other ladies suggested- it really works wonders.
  5. my day wasn't incredibly veiny- but I still attacked it with apple lotion, due to the shine and hardness of the leather. Made it loads better... but I must say the inks I've seen in stores recently are pretty veiny
  6. My ink day/hobo wasn't that veiny when i got her, try lubriderm~it really works on my origan city!!!
  7. hello, I used the lubriderm on my ink shrug (you can search for the thread, I believe it's called Demonstrating Roo's Lubriderm or something). It worked WONDERS on my ink shrug and it's so smooch right now!
  8. for ink owners, is the leather very papery and thin characteristic of most 05 leathers?
  9. the thing is i like a bit of veininess and shine, although not too much!
  10. I used to have an ink city and it wasn't very veiny and paper-thin. I specifically asked the SA at Balenciaga to choose me the least veiny one available.
  11. nope, it's not thin on my ink weekender, my leather's super lush :tender:
  12. yes, my cornflower is pictured next to my ink in that post, but it's not the one in the attached thumbnail (which is my ink in different lighting). i don't have it right now cause I found a rip in it and it's currently at b-ny getting repaired.
  13. My Purse is veiny but I love it, lol! I contemplated AG Conditioning her about a week ago, even got the bottle out, set the bag down.. but could not go ahead with it!

    Frayed, the leather on mine doesn't feel that papery thin, actually. Funny but my 05 rouge First feels thinner than my Ink Purse.