Are all Hermes Items Made in France

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  1. I did a search but couldn't find the answer so thought I would start a new thread. Mods -- please feel free to move if there is already a thread on this subject.

    I know leather goods and scarves are made in France but what about metal goods such as scarf rings, bracelets and watches? Are they made in France too? I could have sworn that someone told me that watches and some of the metal scarf rings are made in Switzerland and Wikipedia (not the most reliable source) says some of the silver jewelry is done in partnership with Tuareg tribesmen. Is that true? I don't care one way or another but was just curious..
  2. From what I know
    Rtw leather silk all made in France
    Horns accessories are made in Vietnam
  3. Not all scarves are made in France. Cotton scarves and cashmere stoles are made all over the place. I recall some scarves are even from India but don't keep the tag photo anymore, sorry. Silk gavroches sometimes can be made in Scotland.
    Here are some examples:

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  4. For watches Hermes has acquired Joseph Erard SA and also has partnership with Vaucher Manufacture Fleurier, both in Switzerland. Source: Annual Report 2013.
  5. I was told by my SA that silver pieces are made in germany because that's suppose to be the best. Horn items from Vietnam because again they produce the best quality pieces.
  6. My gold espadrilles are made in Spain! H is made wherever in the world,
    the best workmanship for that particular item is found. For espadrilles it is Spain.
  7. Yep, my silver CDC says Made in Germany.
  8. My Touareg belt buckle is stamped Made in Niger.

    "It's a world that includes goldsmiths in Mali, Tuareg tribesmen in Niger making silver belt buckles, Amazonian Indians turning sap into a latex material for a bag, and a mailman from Waco named Kermit Oliver who designs Hermès scarves with themes like Cheyenne, Pony Express, Kachina. There are 13 to date. Lawrence Marcus (of the Neiman Marcus family), a fan of the Texas mailman's Western art, introduced him to Jean-Louis Dumas. "I have the first scarf framed on my wall," says Oliver. "My wife wears them sometimes." Hermès in Waco."
  9. Aren't enamels made in Austria? I thought I read that somewhere on the forum!
  10. My enamel bangle says 'Made in Austria' (from 2009, they used to be made by Frey Wille) and my new flat bi-coloured Chain d'Ancre scarf ring was 'Made in Italy'

    I know some of H's hats are (or were anyway) made in Italy by Borsalino

    It makes sense, obviously Hermes the best from wherever is best in the World
  11. Thank you for the responses. I learn something new every day about the brand. It makes sense that H sources and makes things based on the country that is considered the best in that product/item.
  12. Yep! :yes:
  13. The Naoshima cotton scarf is made in Japan.
  14. This is a very interesting thread! :tup::tup:

    Thanks for starting it jyyanks!!
  15. Yes! There was a feature in Spring/Summer 2009 LeMonde which focused on how Castañer makes the espadrilles.