Are all BV bags...

  1. ..handmade or is it only certain models that are?

    Btw, hello, ladies! I'm currently looking to streamline my collection, let go of a few It bags like Spy and Paddington and replace them with just one or two bags which are a little more discreet and timeless so I'm toying with the idea of a large Veneta [/delurks]
  2. All the woven BV bags are handmade but I don't know if the not woven bags are handmade. I assume they're, too.
  3. Thank you :okay:It's not something that would influence my decision a great deal but it's still good to know. I didn't realise that any of their bags were handmade until recently.

    Also to they have a tendency to go dark on the handles like Balenciagas? I'm torn between red and black and my only concern is whether the handles on the red bag would darken and get grubby.
  4. The veneta is a shoulder bag, so unless you handle it a lot I shouldn't imagine it would go grubby. Some people on the forum use protectant spray like collonil to protect their bags.
  5. The lighter colors and softer nappa leathers may darken, but only if you are using them handheld all the time or use hand lotion alot. I have a bag in limo (light taupe) and there is very little darkening of the handles after 6 mos of daily wear. A large veneta would be lovely in either red or black, and it is really light and comfy to wear. I don't see the red (carmino) darkening significantly unless you are really hard on your bags. Good luck!
  6. Not only are they hand-made, but they are naturally dyed with vegetable dye. That's why it's so hard to make some of the spectacular colors that BVs come in season after season. For the regular nappa weave, a flat sheet of lambskin is dyed and then perforations cut, and then strips of dyed nappa are hand woven through. For the basket weave bags (such as the Cabat), it takes two artisans two days to weave strips of the leather around a wooden mold to create the bag. The craftsmanship of the items are stunning and there are only a few artisans who work on all of the bags. The large veneta in black or red are both great choices - the bags are so light and the shoulder carry allows for less wear. Customer service is also great should you need any after service.
  7. Thank you ladies! I have a blue Marc Jacobs hobo which hasn't changed colour at all even with heavy use but I know that some leathers darken more easily than others. It's good to know that people found their lighter BVs coped okay. A friend of mine has an ebano Veneta which is a few years old and has been through a lot :lol: and it still looks fine.

    I tried some on this weekend, and I think a large Veneta will definitely be my next bag. The concession here had both the red and the black so now I just need to decide which colour to go for. I could do with both :shame:
  8. hi loony, i just bought a large veneta recently and found it to be the best hobo i've ever owned. although it's very roomy and i can practically fit my entire life in there, it's extremely lightweight as well. :tup:

    you can't go wrong with either the black or the red, they are both fabulous colours that will go the distance.
  9. Thanks! And congrats on your ebano Veneta, it's a beautiful bag :tup:
  10. I couldn't make the decision between a noce and a nero Montaigne so I did just that -got them both! I can see it is going to be just TOOO hard to make a decision between the red and black, so I definitely would suggest you get them both as well!

    And it is REALLY raining here now so I am BV-less today... I feel so empty but I just could contemplate letting either of my Montaignes getting soaked.
  11. Lol, I like your style. I really don't know how I'm going to decide between the two colours. The concession is new and I don't think BV is selling all that well here so I'm half hoping that red might go in the sale around Christmas :sweatdrop::lol: