Are a Rouge H Box and Rouge VIF chevre birkin too similar?

  1. I currently own a 35cm Rouge VIF chevre birkin. I was eyeing an auction on eBay for a 35cm rouge H box birkin and it got me to thinking - are those bags too similar? I mean I know that Rouge VIF is a true red, whereas Rouge H is more of a maroon (is that correct?) but is having two bags that similar a dumb idea?

    I have never seen Rouge H box in person. I would LOVE a 35cm box birkin someday and am just thinking ahead and wondering if I'm better off planning on a brown or something (I currently have a 30cm black box birkin with PHD).

    And is Rouge H pretty neutral - in your opinion?

    THANKS! :smile::heart:
  2. Rouge H is a gorgeous neutral dark burgandy. rouge vif is lipstick red. completely different!
  3. What kind of HW is on each bag? That makes a world of difference, too. If you have PH on your Rouge VIF then GH on a Rouge H would give you a COMPLETELY different look. Plus, Rouge H in box is a classic neutral whereas Rouge VIF in chevre would never be considered as such. Totally different looks.
  4. I think they are totally different colors. No issue in my mind! I love rouge H in box best.
  5. I do think because they are different leathers, they are very different colors...that said, for some reason when I have 2 red H bags it seems to bother me as there are just SO many great colors!!
  6. ITA. They are totally different colors. Rouge H is a darker red and Rouge Vif is a brighter red.
  7. It wouldn't bother me in the slightest--to me, they are completely different bags! And both amazing, in my opinion. I'm very partial to both colors and both leathers, so to me? They are both absolutely necessary items! :drool:

    And besides, how many pairs of black pants do we ALL have?? 10? 20? More? ;)
  8. They are on two different sides of the red spectrum IMO. Good luck getting the rouge H.
  9. those are the best red combos! i love vif in cheve and h in box. very different!